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Bezel Setting Engagement Ring: Oval vs Emerald

By Ryan on Feb 25, 2022
Pros of Bezel settings

When you are looking for an engagement ring, there are many things to consider. One of the most important decisions is what type of setting to choose.

Pairing the notion of a fashion trend with something as long-lasting as an engagement ring can be counterintuitive: the latter is equated with timelessness while the former is usually thought of as fleeting. But everyone’s personal taste varies and what’s classic to one individual is old-fashioned for another.

Bezel setting is a noteworthy engagement ring trend this year. Both timeless and secure, a bezel setting surrounds fine diamonds and gemstones with a circle of precious metal.

It’s a method that has been around for hundreds of years, but it translates well to the modern era thanks to its basic, chunky aesthetics. Also, it’s a wonderful option if you work with your hands a lot or tend to be rougher with jewelry because it holds the gemstone more securely in place.

We ran a poll on our Instagram page about bezel set engagement rings, with two options: Oval vs Emerald cut. Most of our followers, at about 75%, voted for the Oval bezel set, with only 25% preferring the Emerald bezel set instead.

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Oval vs Emerald

Oval setting engagement rings are classic and elegant. They have been popular for many years, and they will likely continue to be in style for many more. Emerald settings are also very popular and are a good choice for those who want something a little different. They give your ring a unique look that is sure to turn heads.

We’re sure you have a favorite cut in mind as you read this article. So we want to share more about the bezel setting characteristics if you are thinking to get one!

What is a bezel setting?

A bezel setting is a type of ring that secures the diamond within a custom-made thin metal rim that surrounds the outside of the stone, while also showing off its beauty.

Unlike prong settings, which are quite delicate and expose the sides of the diamond, a bezel setting completely encircles the stone and holds it securely in place. This offers protection for the center diamond while giving the ring a sleek, modern look.

Bezel settings are available in a variety of styles, from elegant solitaire rings to settings that feature pavé, halo or side-stone diamonds. Some feature intricate design features, such as beaded, half-bezel and vine-like patterns.

Like other engagement ring settings, bezel settings are available in a wide range of different metals, including yellow, white or rose gold.

The durability of the Bezel setting

Full or part bezel designs resonate amongst buyers looking for a safe, secure setting for their diamond with full protection for their gemstone. Without sharp claws or prongs, the risk of catching on clothing is greatly minimized due to the smooth metal surrounding the stone. The bezel setting is ideal for athletes and people who have hands-on jobs (such as doctors, nurses, and construction workers). It provides stability without sacrificing elegance.

Bezel setting

Choosing the right diamond size for a Bezel setting

When selecting a diamond for a Bezel setting, the jeweler seats the diamond on the prepared casting. The outer edge of the diamond should sit fractionally over the inner edge to ensure the correct fit. Bezel set engagement rings are designed to hold specific diamond sizes.

Bezel settings for fancy diamond shapes

Bezel set engagement rings provide greater security for diamonds and gemstones. In addition to greater protection for the diamond, reducing the risk of snagging benefits clothing. Additional benefits include Bezel settings being child-friendly. Nervous about scratching your child with your wedding ring? You’re not alone. Bezels can help bring that peace of mind. Yes, you are still wearing hard metal on your finger, but it’s a lot safer than tall sharp prongs. Furthermore, this type of setting defines the shape of a diamond. This is especially useful when choosing a small diamond size. Small fancy shaped diamonds often lose their shape when surrounded by claws. A full bezel outlines the stone, further defining and enhancing the shape.

Two styles of the Bezel setting

Bezel designs can be full or partial. Full bezel settings surround a diamond entirely. Because full bezel settings cover the entire circumference of the diamond, they let less light in than most other ring types. This implies that a diamond may appear slightly less sparkly in a full bezel setting than it would in a traditional prong setting.

Partial bezel settings surround only part of a diamond. The exposed edge of the diamond gives an open feel to jewelry design, allowing more light to enter the diamond from the sides. While the diamond may not look quite as brilliant as it would in a prong setting, the difference is subtle and very difficult to perceive.

Both a half and full bezel will securely hold your diamond in place, making them good choices if you’re looking for a safe, durable engagement ring. We’ve listed the pros and cons you should consider when choosing a bezel setting.

Pros of Bezel settings

Pros of Bezel settings


Holds the diamond more securely than a prong setting

The bezel setting’s main advantage is that it keeps the diamond in place more securely than a prong or any other setting type.

The custom-fit metal rim of a bezel setting closely holds the center diamond, making it far less likely for the diamond to come loose or fall out. Thanks to this firm, custom fit, the bezel setting is one of the most secure engagement ring settings.

Offers a modern look

Bezel settings have a stylish, modern appearance that’s very different from other common engagement ring settings. If you and your fiancé-to-be like modern jewelry, you may appreciate the styling of a bezel setting over other setting types. These rings are sleek, glamorous, and feature an unmistakable polish. The symmetrical halo of lustrous metal brings increased attention to any diamond center stone.

Easier to maintain

Thanks to the simple design of most bezel settings, maintenance is easy. There are no prongs to check or clean on a basis, meaning you’ll have a significantly easier time taking care of the diamond and setting.

Protects the diamond from damage

The rim of a bezel setting covers the edges of the diamond to hold it securely. On the other hand, this helps to protect them from chipping and/or breaking, especially when talking about princess cut, marquise cut and pear shape diamonds, which are the most prone to chipping.

May hide visual flaws in a diamond

The bezel setting covers a broader surface area of the diamond than the prong setting, allowing it to disguise some common flaws in a diamond’s appearance.

For example, many diamonds with a low clarity grade will feature visible inclusions. When these inclusions are close to the edges of the diamond, they may be covered up by the metal rim of a bezel setting, making them less obvious to the naked eye. But this doesn’t mean you should opt for low clarity grade diamonds. If a diamond has obvious inclusions that are close to its center, a bezel setting will not make a difference.

Cons of Bezel settings


Hides more of the diamond than other settings

Although the metal rim of a bezel setting protects the diamond, it also hides more of its surface than other setting types. It will make the diamond appear smaller and can make its brilliance less prominent and powerful.

Provides less light reflection

Because the bezel setting wraps around the edges of the center diamond, it prevents light from entering into the diamond from the sides. This reduces the amount of light that the diamond can reflect, which may impact its brilliance and fire.

 Bezel engagement rings

Cost of Bezel engagement rings

Bezel engagement rings can range in price from $500 or less to several thousand dollars for settings that feature halo or side-stone diamonds.

Bezel settings tend to be more expensive as they are more labor-intensive for the jeweler to set the stone and as a result require more metal weight.

Bespoke Bezel design

The bezel is a popular ring setting due to its modern look and suitability for an active lifestyle. The bezel setting is one of the most secure settings by tightly holding the diamond in place with its custom-fit metal.

On Jewelers Connect, you will find jewelers that offer a completely bespoke service. They can bring your perfect bezel set design to life, beginning with an initial image or a quick sketch.

Which setting is right for you? That’s up to you to decide , from bezel set diamond engagement rings with full or partial bezel settings in a range of precious metal options. But we hope this blog post has given you a little bit of information to help you make your decision. Thanks for reading!