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Welcome to Jewelers Connect. The Power to Choose the Right Jeweler.

How It Works is an online jewelry store that provides you with the best custom-made jewelry. We take your jewelry requirements and place them in front of the best jewelers in the country. You get the best deals from the most skilled and trusted jewelers.

With the guide below, you can begin shopping for your jewelry safely and without any hassle!

1. Register

You only need to click on the “Register” icon at the top right corner of the page and create your account.

If you have an account, simply click “log in” to continue.

Registration is free, easy, and will only take a few seconds.

2. Create a request

To place an order for new jewelry, you’ll first need to create a request.

After you have signed into your account, click on the icon “Create Now.” Then, fill a form with your jewelry information.

You can upload an image and describe the jewelry in detail. Without a picture, you can recreate one of our designs in the “Shop Jewelry” page.

If you need help creating a request, just use our concierge service on the chatbot at the right bottom of the page.

Meanwhile, if you want to fix your jewelry, click on “Repair Now.”

You can then upload an image to show what you’re looking for. If you have any additional details or requests, you can include them in the description box.

Then publish your request.

3. Review quotes

Once you have published your request, all our pre-vetted jewelers will receive your request. They’ll examine the requirements you’ve provided and review them accordingly.

You’ll receive price estimates from the jewelers who can create your jewelry.

Note that: Only you can see the quotes, and our jewelers cannot access each other’s quotes. Otherwise, overbidding may occur, and you might run the risk of being overcharged.

We ensure that our jewelers send you their honest best prices and options to get your patronage.

4. Compare quotes

With the different estimates you’ve received, you can easily compare your options.

Then hire any jeweler you desire and choose the option best suited for you.

Create a new request to get started.


We encourage our customers to contact us for any additional information they’ll need. The list below contains our most frequently asked questions with detailed responses to help you navigate our site.

How can I contact Jewelers Connect?

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

You can also send us an email at

Or give us a call on +1 (844) 406-1445.

You can also connect with the 24/7 Jewelry Concierge and support team through the chatbot at the bottom right corner of the page.

Where are the jewelers located?

Since we are primarily an online jewelry company, we have jewelers from all over the United States. Currently, we do not allow jewelers from outside the US to join the network.

All our jewelers go through a strict vetting process before they are hired.

We ensure that every information provided is completely verified. We also make sure that our jewelers have the proper licenses and can be traced accordingly. We do not discriminate and hire solely based on qualifications. So we only offer the top skilled and trusted jewelers to help serve you better.

If you need to contact the jeweler personally, you’ll find their contact address and location in the quotes.

Also, if you need expert consultation, our jewelers are reliable and ready to help.

Do you deliver internationally?

Our delivery services only work for national orders. However, the jeweler can ship the item to you using their shipping provider. It is important to obtain tracking information, so ensure that the jeweler sends you this crucial information.

If you have not filled out your mailing address before creating your first request, you’ll be asked to fill in your address details. With your address information, we’ll know where to find you and contact you when your order is ready. We offer delivery services right at your doorstep.

We only work with trusted and reliable shipping companies with the proper state and federal licensing. Our delivery workers are efficient and will bring your product to you in the proper condition. You can as well track your order from the moment it’s been sent out till you receive it.

How long will it take to create my jewelry?

The duration for creating the jewelry mainly depends on the type of order you make. Some jewelry only takes days to create while some may require more time.

With a basic design structure, you can expect your order to take 2–3 days.

However, for intricate jewelry like an engagement ring, your order may take up to 3 weeks before it is complete.

Our primary goal is to ensure that you receive your jewelry as quickly as possible. We have a competent team of jewelers who begin work once your order has been completed. We do not encourage delay, and we aim to deliver your jewelry in the best possible time.

In your request, you’re allowed to choose a deadline that is convenient for you.

After you create a request, we will acknowledge it by sending you a message. Then, we’ll send your request to our available jewelers, who will send you their quotes. As soon as you accept a quote and pay for your order, work starts immediately.

Jewelry creation requires the utmost care and attention to detail. So it’s crucial that the jewelers don’t rush the creation process to avoid mistakes.

We’ll send you a notification once your jewelry is complete so you’ll know when to expect it. The deadline you provide will also help us connect you with a suitable jeweler.

How do I modify my request after publishing?

We encourage you to fill out your request form carefully. However, if there’s an error on your published request, you’ll have to let us know quickly.

As soon as we receive your request, we send it out to our jewelers immediately. So ideally, you should make all modifications before you publish the form.

At the bottom of the “New Project Request” page, you’ll find an option to “Cancel,” “Save for Later,” or “Publish.” If you’re not done filling in the request form, you can save it until later.

Our jewelers only offer estimates and rates based on the form you’ve provided. So it’s important that all information on the request form is accurate. If you’re not sure of some spec requirements, you can just save the form until you’ve made a choice. Once you’re completely satisfied with your form, you can then publish it.

Nevertheless, you can send us a notice of error through any of our contact lines. You can also send us an email with your details and any changes you have made. It’s vital that you do this immediately when you see the error. Otherwise, our jewelers will have the wrong information supplied in the original form.

Where can I find my order status?

When your order is shipped, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

If you need to check your order status, log in to your account and click “Purchase History.”

Then, you’ll scroll down to “Paid Orders”.

Next, find the item, and you will see your tracking number. Click the item number to see your shipment information.

If you’ve not received a confirmation email, then it means your order has not yet been shipped.

If you have any further inquiries or complaints, you can contact us for any assistance.

What are the shipping times and costs?

Jewelers get friendly rates from JM Shipping. They get to compare rates from multiple companies such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

The jeweler will select the best shipping provider for your order. The jeweler can include shipping in your quote or add the shipping cost once they send the invoice.

How do I ship a repair to the jeweler?

For repair orders, simply select “repair jewelry,” and you’ll be directed to a different page. Then you’ll have to fill a simple form for a new service request.

Once you’ve filled in the deadline, service time, and details of your repair, click on publish. You’ll then receive an email with various quotes from our available jewelers.

You’re free to compare quotes and choose the jeweler you want.

You will then receive an invoice for the work to be performed. When you’ve completed your payment, you can ship the item to the jeweler through the mail with a copy of your receipt.

Alternatively, ask the jeweler to use their JM Shipping account to purchase a label and have it sent to your email address. Make sure to keep your tracking number, so you know when your item has been received.

Apart from creating new jewelry and doing repairs, we offer a wide range of services. We provide jewelry appraisals, shopping catalogs, and so on. If you’re just curious and want to know more about jewelry, we provide you with jewelry education.

Is my diamond safe with Jewelers Connect?

Yes, it is safe!

For engagement ring orders, you don’t need to purchase the center stone diamond from one of the jewelers in our network. If you have the center diamond, you need to provide the dimensions to the jeweler creating your ring.

You can choose to have the jeweler creating the ring set the diamond or have someone else do it for you.

The qualified jewelers in our network are encouraged to take adequate precautions while mounting the diamond.

Note that enhanced diamonds and diamond stimulants are more prone to damage. During production, damage could inevitably occur to these diamond substitutes.

Please inform the jeweler of any markings or enhancements on your diamond as you send it in.

Are your diamonds certified?

That’s entirely up to you!

In your request form, you’re free to select the type of certificate you want, or you can select none.

Certified diamonds usually cost more than uncertified diamonds, but getting a certified diamond shows you precisely what you are getting.

How does payment work?

Publishing a request form isn’t the same as making an order. You only make an order when you accept a jeweler’s quote and proceed to the check-out stage.

The jeweler will send you an invoice built into our system so we can confirm your order has been paid for. Jewelers will receive your payment and then will begin working on your project.

If you would like added protection, you can elect to put the payment in an escrow account.

When you use an escrow account, Jewelers Connect will hold your payment until you receive your item. We will hold funds for 5 business days after your item has been received.

Within these 5 days, you can open a claim before Jewelers Connect releases payment to the jeweler.

Escrow cost is 1.5% if paid via ACH or 3.5% if paid via credit card.

How secure is the Jewelers Connect website?

In our terms and conditions, you’ll find that your privacy is very important to us.

Jewelers Connect does not have access to your card or bank account details. This information is tokenized and inaccessible.

Contact us today, and let us help you bring your vision to life!