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About Us

JewelersConnect.com is the pioneer and only site committed to connecting you to reliable, skilled, and trusted jewelry makers in the US. We take your jewelry request and place it in front of the best jewelers across the nation.

Aside from helping you connect with a trusted jeweler, we also ensure that you get the best prices for all your jewelry needs.

If you need custom jewelry, jewelry repair, or a jewelry appraisal, we have the expert that you’re looking for.

The experience on JewelersConnect.com is unlike your everyday jewelry shopping experience. All you need is to upload a picture of your desired jewelry, describe all your needs, and let the jewelers come to you.

You will receive offers from the best jewelers right at the comfort of your home. Review the bids and hire the most skilled jeweler who suits your budget.

Save yourself the effort of moving from store to store, searching for the best quality and price.

Create your shopper account to shop your custom jewelry online.

Why buy from us?

We pride ourselves on comprehensive policies to ensure a customer-centered shopping experience. With exceptional fact-checking measures in place, we do several things to protect you.

On JewelersConnect.com, you get the best value for your money. Here’s why.

1. Our platform is safe to use

We conduct a complete business background check on each of our jewelers before allowing them on the platform.

Additionally, we conduct thorough investigations on the jewelers to ensure you only connect with reliable, skilled, and trustworthy jewelers.

When using our platform, you also get the Jewelers Connect Buyer Protection.

2. We follow-up and conduct regular quality checks on jewelers

After the jewelers are cleared to work with you, we continuously follow up on all their activities.

We track and monitor every change in their businesses to ensure that they retain the initial quality. Whatever change a jeweler makes in their business, we ensure that they give you your money’s worth.

3. You establish a personal connection with jewelers

On JewelersConnect.com, you will be working with independent jewelry brands. So, you will enjoy a more intimate relationship with the jewelers where you freely express yourself and get recommendations and answers to your questions.

4. You get the best quotes for all your jewelry needs

Whether you are making custom jewelry, jewelry repair, or you need a jewelry appraisal, you will get the best quote. We only link you with verified and skilled jewelers that offer all the best of these services at excellent prices.

5. Jewelers Connect is easy to use

JewelersConnect.com is very easy to navigate and intuitive. All our processes are clear and easy to follow. Get started today without website glitches and enjoy our services.

6. We maintain fairness with both buyers and jewelers

We don’t show the jewelers the bids that your proposal has received. It ensures that the jewelers are not merely underbidding each other. Instead, each jeweler quotes their honest best price upfront. We simply ensure fairness to both parties while still putting out customers first.

7. Quality support service

As you work with your jeweler, you have access to our 24-hour jewelry support team. Our support team is readily available to listen and act earnestly to solve your problem.

8. It’s an open and free platform

There are no payments or special registration required to get started. Jewelers Connect has opened to every jewelry shopper that desires to get the best. We aim at bringing you the best jewelers and prices in the most straightforward and accessible way.

You can join our happy jewelry shoppers at no cost.

Feel free to hit the Register button and get started right away!

What makes us different?

JewelersConnect.com is quite different from your regular jewelry shopping experience. Instead of viewing showcases and going to multiple stores or endlessly searching for better deals online, you simply post a picture of the jewelry you want with any requirements you may have, and jewelers will send you their best prices.

As much as Jewelers Connect is an open platform, we fact-check all our jewelers before allowing them to sell to you. We also continue to monitor their business for any change to ensure that our customers keep getting the quality they signed up for.

We do not leave you to run around searching for solutions. We understand your needs and bring the solutions right to you without compromising your comfort. Our jewelry support team is available to answer your questions any time!

JewelersConnect.com is the platform where you get the ultimate in-store jewelry shopping experience online. You wouldn’t even have to stress yourself about contacting multiple stores before you get the best price.

Simply create your free account and enjoy the benefits of JewelersConnect.com.

Benefits of Using Jewelers Connect

Jewelers Connect is customer-oriented. Our underlying eminence continues to deepen, and we focus on enhancing the satisfaction of our customers.

We are committed to making custom jewelry shopping easy and maintaining consistency in efficacy, quality, and trust.

Here are the advantages and privileges you would enjoy by using Jewelers Connect.

1. Easy access

JewelersConnect.com helps you beat the hassle of moving from store to store, searching for the best deal. Navigating the website is super easy and intuitive.

All you need is a picture of what you want, and the jewelers with the best deals will come to you.

2. Best prices

We connect you with trusted jewelers who send you offers based on their unbiased best prices. You will then compare the different offers to find one that suits your budget and meets the required skill set. All this without leaving your home.

3. Safe transactions

Jewelers Connect fact-check all jewelers before linking them to you. We ensure that you only get to interact with honest and trustworthy jewelers across the nation.

We also monitor all changes in their business to ensure that we keep aligning in your interest.

Additionally, you are covered by Jewelers Connect Buyer Protection when using JewelersConnect.com.

Our website is safe and secure.

4. Platform available at no cost

You don’t pay a dollar to use JewelersConnect.com. You can save yourself a few bucks by using the platform instead of spending all day moving from shop to shop to find the best deal.

All you need to do is register, create a request, and pay for your requests.

5. Full-time customer support

Aside from ensuring that you have personal experience with the jewelers, Jewelers Connect also provides strong support if you need anything. The 24/7 jewelry support team will answer your questions whenever you need them.

Do you need quality custom jewelry delivered to your home without ever visiting a single store?

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About the founder

Our visionary founder, Ryan Allen, noticed how independent jewelers in the US close their shops every day because they can’t reach the current jewelry shoppers.

So, he created JewelersConnect.com to bring these jewelers closer to today’s shoppers.  It slowly became more than connecting jewelers to jewelry shoppers.

You can now have a personalized, hassle-free, and secure custom jewelry shopping experience. You get the best deals from pre-vetted and skilled jewelers in the comfort of your home.

The standards and reliability of Jewelers Connect remain unshaken just as when it was created. We are resilient and committed to building solid relationships with our jewelers and jewelry shoppers.

Join the Jewelers Connect community today for the best custom jewelry shopping experience.

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