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3 Most Common Reasons to
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1. Needed for insurance

2. Shows proper replacement value and quality

3. Assist in the resale of
your jewelry

Jewelers Connect Jewelry Appraisal

If you want insurance for your jewelry, you will need a jewelry appraisal that tells your insurance provider everything about your jewelry.

A jewelry appraisal is a report that contains a jewelry’s detailed description, quality analysis, and money value at the time of assessment.

The process of giving money value to a piece of jewelry for resale, tax, or insurance purposes is also called jewelry appraisal.

A certified appraiser from Jewelers Connect will analyze and value your jewelry based on the metal, any gemstone, and market research. You will receive a detailed description, estimated retail value, and professional photos of your jewelry.

Should I get my jewelry appraised?

If you want to know your jewelry’s worth, you should have your jewelry appraised by a professional. You will get the best value when you sell it or claim insurance.

An appraisal is an impartial tool that anyone interested in your jewelry’s money value can rely on. It describes the observable and measurable facts like weight, shape, size, and design contributing to your item’s estimated retail value.

When you verify your jewelry’s information, it gives a buyer the confidence to bid a competitive price. In fact, buyers expect you to be very open about your jewelry.

If your jewelry has a diamond, expect the appraisal to mention the stone’s weight, shape, grading, color, and size. It will also mention the jewelry’s design and type of metal.

You may have an antique that you think is worth a fortune. But the reality may be different. Unless you appraise your jewelry, you cannot accurately estimate its worth.

Whether you want some cash in exchange for jewelry or an insurance plan, an appraiser on Jewelers Connect will help you find out how much your jewelry is worth. The appraiser will answer all your questions about your jewelry and the appraisal procedure.

An appraisal estimates your jewelry’s cost

If you have gold or diamond jewelry, an appraisal process determines the estimated money value at the assessment time.

When you want insurance for a diamond engagement ring, the insurance provider will need a fair market value appraisal to determine your policy.

If you lose the ring, you will need a replacement appraisal to help the insurance provider to determine the amount it will cost to reproduce your jewelry.

If you got a divorce and want to sell your high-end jewelry quickly, an appraisal will determine a liquidation value. The liquidation value is usually lower than the fair market value.

When you decide to sell the ring, a Jewelers Connect trusted appraiser will determine its estimated retail value.

The experts at Jewelers Connect are confident in providing appropriate values on everything from gold chains to diamond rings.

Your homeowner’s policy limit might be low for your jewelry

Besides your home insurance, you need an additional policy to cover your expensive jewelry. An appraisal determines your jewelry’s actual value to help you pay the right policy.

You might be underinsuring your high-end jewelry if you expect to recover it under your standard home insurance. Plus, metals and stones prices keep fluctuating.

It’s best to get a jewelry appraisal every 3 years and reassess your coverage options with your insurer.

An appraisal guarantees that you’ll recover lost but insured jewelry

An appraisal guarantees that you will recover your jewelry’s total cost when you file an insurance claim. You will need to present your appraisal to help the insurer determine the replacement value.

Remember the last time you lost something precious?

Keep those worries at bay by covering your jewelry with a policy that accounts for its true value.

Get your jewelry appraisal today!

Precious metals’ values keep changing

An appraisal gives you the current market value for your jewelry. As a result, the updated value should affect your insurance policy and the taxes you pay when selling your jewelry.

You may have a diamond ring from your great-grandmother. So understandably, the prices won’t be the same as they were sixty years ago.

Getting appraisals every two or three years keeps you updated about the prices. You also understand the market trends related to your jewelry material and type.

Jewelers Connect is your one-stop online shop to assess the worth of your precious jewelry.

You need an appraisal to auction your jewelry

Jewelry appraisals are necessary for auctions because they help identify the quality and value of items. A proper assessment determines how much your jewelry should be priced, what to bid on, and who will buy it.

Without a proper assessment from an experienced appraiser, you could get stuck with a low-quality piece that has no resale value or, even worse, end up overpaying for something of little worth!

It doesn’t matter how much you purchased that diamond ring. It’s the current value that matters.

If you bought a diamond ring for $100,000, and now it’s worth $500,000, and then somebody stole it, imagine your loss if you didn’t have an appraisal for your ring.

Similarly, when you put up your jewelry for auction, the bidders look at the appraisal report to decide the minimum bidding price.

Get your appraisal at the comfort of your home from a certified appraiser on Jewelers Connect.

Getting an appraisal is pocket-friendly

The cost of an appraisal will depend on where you live, but it’s typically around $50-$150 per item. You may also need to pay for any necessary repairs done during the appraisal process.

Some pieces, like diamonds, require special equipment and expertise, which will incur additional costs from a certified appraiser at Jewelers Connect.

How do I get my jewelry appraised?

Getting a jewelry appraisal is a simple process on Jewelers Connect.

It doesn’t matter where you live. You only need a good camera and the internet to start your jewelry appraisal.

  1. You will upload a clear picture and describe the pieces you want to get appraised: the clearer the picture, the more accurate the appraisal report. So, keep a plain background and make sure the images aren’t blurry.
  2. At the same time, if you have your diamond certificates, previous appraisals, or receipts, attach the relevant documents to get an accurate appraisal report from the jeweler. Then submit your request.
  3. After that, the jewelers will review your items and the certificates.
  4. You will receive appraisal offers from up to five jewelers.
  5. Then, you can review the offers and choose the jeweler who suits your needs best.
  6. Next, you will ship the jewelry to the jeweler for closer inspection.
  7. Finally, you will receive your jewelry, a downloadable appraisal showing the jewelry’s estimated retail value plus professional photos.

Can I get my jewelry appraised online?

Jewelry appraisals can never be fully online because you need to ship the item for physical verification. However, most of the process related to documentation and item details is entirely online. It’s more convenient than visiting different jewelers for an appraisal.

Jewelers Connect gives you the flexibility of choice, so you can hire the person you’re comfortable with. You will pick the most economical and reliable option out of five jewelers.

After shipping the jewelry, you will receive them back with the appraisal report showing their cash value.Your Jewelers Connect appraiser will discuss all aspects of the appraisal in detail.

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