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Advertising On Jewelers Connect Platform

Increase brand awareness and drive sales with banner ads in the jewelry industry

Tap directly into our targeted network of jewelers and jewelry shoppers who need your product/service to establish trust, confidence, and loyalty in the jewelry industry.

With our advertising strategy, you can connect with the jewelers or shoppers right at the beginning of their search for product details.

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Are you looking for an easier, cheaper way to advertise your jewelry products?

If you wish to advertise for shoppers, your area of operations and services could be insurance plans, promotions, warranty plans, maintenance plans, jewelry buyback programs, and more.

Advertisers for the jewelers can be, for example, a supplier of machinery, goods, boxes, and any other resource that can help the jewelers carry on their manufacturing, packaging, and shipping process.

You can advertise any products or services relevant to the jewelry industry.

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How advertising on Jewelers Connect works

1. Contact Jewelers Connect

Give us a call on +1 (844) 406-1445 or email us at to speak to one of our representatives. The representative will give you a custom quote that adapts to your needs and help you get started.

2. Create a request

After getting your custom quote, you have to create a request for banner ads. You have to specify the services you can provide and how you can help shoppers or jewelers to achieve what they need.

We will evaluate whether your supply of goods, machinery, boxes, and other resources is appropriate for shoppers or jewelers.

After review, we will place your ad on the website according to your needs. You have the option to choose where and when to place the ad.

3. Receive qualified traffic on your website

Jewelers and shoppers using our platform will be able to see your ads and visit your website.

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Why advertise on Jewelers Connect?

1. Reach a targeted audience that is ready to buy

We offer a safe, easy, and convenient way for you to reach jewelers and shoppers looking for your products or services on our platform. You can advertise your jewelry maintenance plans, warranty plans, buyback programs, and other products in the jewelry industry.

We relieve your time and efforts to find the target demographic with our easy-to-use integrated platform.

2. Get more qualified traffic

Jewelers Connect users are jewelers and shoppers who need your products or services in the jewelry industry. They are the audience that you expect to see your ads on the platform.

Our jewelers and jewelry shoppers may be searching for precisely what you offer, or they may learn about your offer that might be useful for them. When such a lead clicks on your ad, they very likely have the intent to buy.

Qualified traffic leads to more sales, increasing the success rate for your advertising campaign.

3. Cut off intermediaries to cut advertising costs

Why go through Google Ads while you can place your ad in a targeted market at a lower price? Our platform helps you spend less and make your ad count. Eliminate the intermediaries to optimize your advertising budget!

4. Easy way of advertising

If your advertising offer explicitly meets the needs of jewelers and shoppers, you will gain recognition in no time. You can easily reach your target audience, offer them your services, show your creativity in the ad, and make your business successful over the platform.

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What can I advertise on Jewelers Connect?

You can advertise the following products to jewelry shoppers on our platform:

  • Jewelry buyback programs: You can advertise your jewelry buyback program with your creativity, uniqueness, and style such that this applicable policy attracts customers for driving sales.
  • Extended warranty plans: Shoppers love extended warranties! Your advertising can highlight the extended warranty plan on jewelry products.
  • Jewelry insurance plan: Advertise your insurance plans with complete precision and clarity to make customers aware of the benefit they can enjoy from such insurance.
  • Jewelry maintenance plans and more services that are relevant to jewelers.

Additionally, you can advertise the following products to jewelers using the platform:

  • Supply of goods: If you supply goods in the jewelry industry, you can advertise your supply services.
  • Supply of machinery: You can advertise machinery to potential leads if you supply jewelry-making machinery and tools.
  • Supply of boxes: Jewelers always need well-made decorative boxes at the time of delivery. So, if you are operating in the jewelry box manufacturing arena, you can place an ad for your services.
  • And other resources/opportunities that can help jewelers.

This list of advertising options is not exhaustive and extends beyond the mentioned services.

If you have a product/service related to the jewelry niche, you should contact us for a custom quote.

However, note that outsourcing repairs or designs is not part of the advertisers’ section. Jewelers will perform these services on Jewelers Connect.

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What do I need to get started with advertising?

You will need to have your advertising plan ready, register on our platform, and follow the subsequent steps mentioned above to advertise on Jewelers Connect.

If you operate or belong to a sector mentioned above, advertising your products and services to potential clients would be a way to expand your business.

How much will I pay to advertise on Jewelers Connect?

Once you create a request, we will review the requirement and offer you a custom price quote tailored to your needs.

What are the guidelines for banner ads?

If you wish to advertise with banner ads through Jewelers Connect, here are specific guidelines that you need to follow:

  • Accepted Display Ad File Formats: We will accept the following formats for uploaded display ads: JPG, PNG, and GIF


JPEG offers the best compression options. You can also try saving it as JPEG in case your file size is cutting it close. In the end, ensure that you save your final designs in the correct file format.

  • Required Display Ad Design Elements: Although we don’t demand all of the following design elements, they are necessary to achieve your campaign goals.
  • CTA – It’s essential to use an attractive call to action so that the visitors are compelled to click through the website.
  • Image – For standing out and catching your audience’s attention, choosing colorful images to represent your brand is the key.
  • Text – Make a short and catchy written message.
  • Logo – Use a contrasting version of your logo. Also, make sure that your logo is easy to recognize, even on smaller display ad sizes.

What are the banner placement options?

Here’s a quick look at the banner placement options we provide on Jewelers Connect:

  • Half Page (300×600)
  • Leaderboard (728×90)
  • Large Rectangle (336×280)

How do I pay for the ads?

As you discuss your payment rate with our representative, they will also tell you about your payment options.

How can I contact Jewelers Connect?

Here are the details that you would need to contact a Jewelers Connect representative.

Tel: +1 (844) 406-1445


So, get in touch with Jewelers Connect to get a custom quote for your ad in the jewelry industry!