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Register As A Jeweler On Jewelers Connect

Sell customized jewelry to customers searching for you

With Jewelers Connect, you won’t have to worry about where to get your next customer because you can always sell jewelry online by sending quotes to shoppers looking to get custom jewelry made. Additionally, you will gain access to multiple projects.

You can also partner with other jewelers to outsource projects. You don’t have to worry much about payment before accessing the website’s full potential because you can choose a subscription plan where you pay after making a sale.

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As a jeweler, here is a highlight of how Jewelers Connect works to bring you the convenience you desire:

1. Register

To register, you need to click on the “Get Started” icon at the top right corner of the page to create your account.

Registration is free and easy. It will only take a few seconds.

In case you already have an account, just click login to continue.

2. Send quotes

You can send quotes to shoppers looking to get their custom jewelry made on Jeweler’s Connect. When a customer accepts your proposal, you can have a personal or in-depth conversation regarding the custom features of the jewelry and pricing.

3. Project Outsourcing and Partnership

For intensive projects, you can connect with other jewelers that specialize in other areas of jewelry making, such as jewelry design, stone setting, custom carving, and detailed engraving. They can help you acquire the custom piece your client desires by providing the added input. On Jewelers Connect, you can create a valuable partnership or bond with other people in the industry.

4. Submit quotes to other jewelers

As a jeweler, you can send quotes to other jewelers to assist with their projects.

Why sell personalized jewelry on Jewelers Connect

Numerous benefits come with selling custom jewelry online, and the best place to sell custom jewelry is Jewelers Connect. Highlighted below are the advantages of selling custom jewelry on Jewelers Connect.

1. Access to multiple projects

You will have access to multiple projects by using Jewelers Connect. You can send quotes to jewelry shoppers looking to make personalized jewelry.

By doing this, you get to work on projects you are interested in. In addition, you can take on successive projects without having to worry about who your next customer will be.

2. Easy project outsourcing

On Jewelers Connect, you can outsource to get quotes and hire other jewelers, CAD designers, bench workers, etc., for a project you’re working on.

Just as shoppers have access to multiple jewelers, you will have similar access to partner with or search for the best jeweler for your project.

3. Payment protection

On Jewelers Connect, you can be sure of your payment security, and this means you don’t have to worry about situations such as cheating, scamming, or deceit. Jewelers Connect is secured enough to ensure a smooth partnership between you and anyone you want to work with or sell custom jewelry to.

4. Customer support

Jewelers Connect offers customer support services to both jewelers and shoppers. This service is easily accessible to you, and it ensures your protection as a jeweler.

You can connect with customer support via the chatbot on the bottom right corner of your screen or email us at Or give us a call on +1 (844) 406-1445.

You can be sure to get a response as soon as your message is received.

5. Dispute mediator

Jewelers Connect offers dispute settlement services between you and a customer. If issues arise during the project’s progress, Jewelers Connect plays a mediatory role to ensure that both parties are considered and a fair decision is taken.

6. Pay after sales

As a jeweler on Jewelers Connect, you can pay the service charge for using the platform after making a sale.

The cost comes in three options which are:

  • Bronze Plan: A free platform usage with an 8% commission after every sale.
  • Silver Plan: A $75 monthly fee with a 6% commission on sales
  • Gold Plan:A $100 monthly fee with a 5% commission on sales.

7. No need for inventory

One of the great benefits of using Jewelers Connect is shoppers are requesting what they want instead of shopping through inventory list. This helps reduce over head cost and lessens the possibility of having inventory that doesn’t sell.

Create an account with us today to enjoy these benefits!