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Wedding Ring guide

Consider your lifestyle.

Do you have a job that keeps you outdoors, or do you engage in activities that place a heavy focus on being outdoors? Or do you work in an office during the day, and look forward to coming home to curl up with your favorite book? Choosing a wedding band that compliments your day to day lifestyle is the most important step when deciding on a wedding band.

Stick with a common or complementary theme.

Many engagement rings are sold with wedding bands that are designed to match. Some people want to mix it up a bit by choosing something different. If you decide not to go with an “engagement ring set” (engagement and wedding bands that match), then choose a wedding band that will compliment your engagement ring “look.”

Details such as the finish on the wedding band (high polished, textured, etc.) or placement of accent stones can work together and elevate two different rings into one amazing look.

Trends are for today, but classics last forever.

Trendy looks are great when they are trending, but often don’t hold up over the test of time.

There are lots of options available to give a classic band a unique feel, so before you pick the trendy band you might love today but hate tomorrow, ask your jeweler how you can customize a classic band into a classic for you.

Forget the “matchy-matchy” on his and her bands.

The days of matching wedding bands are long over. Today it’s all about personal style and comfort. Wear the band that’s right for you.

Want to incorporate an element of consistency between the two bands? Use the same metal, finish type or engraving style to create a look that means the most to both of you.

Size really does matter.

Your wedding band will be the one piece of jewelry you wear the most, so it needs to be comfortable, and have the right fit for you.

If you’re considering a band that is wide, make sure you get your finger sized for a”wide” band.

A wide band will generally need to be at least 1/2 size larger than a thinner band is, to fit your finger the same.

If you work a lot with your hands, it might be worth the extra money to invest in a comfort fit band. Comfort fit bands are designed with a domed interior that creates a very comfortable “fit.”

Our Jewelers Connect professionals are experienced in sizing and selling every type of wedding ring imaginable and are ready to help you find the wedding band that is right for you.​