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How To Measure Your Necklace Size

To measure your necklace size, you need a measuring tape. Wrap the measuring tape around your neck and note the spot where one end (the zero mark) meets the measuring tape length. The distance from the zero mark to the spot on the measuring tape is your necklace length.

You should consider the right size for your necklace according to your preferred style and body measurements, such as height, body type, and facial shape.

While a custom-fit necklace is a much better option, in the case of a standard necklace, opt for a size one level higher than your ideal.

For instance, if your desired necklace size would be 19 inches, choose the 20-inch necklace.

The standard sizes for women necklaces are:

  • 16 in
  • 18 in
  • 20 in
  • 24 in
  • 30 in
  • 36 in

The standard necklace sizes for men are:

  • 18 in
  • 20 in
  • 24 in
  • 30 in

Follow these steps to find out what is the perfect necklace size for you:

1. Measure the size of your neck

Wrap a measuring tape around your neck and keep your finger on the spot of the tape where the zero mark meets the measuring tape. Make sure the tape is horizontal. Unwrap your neck (while still keeping your finger on the spot) and see your measurements.

Unless you want a choker, add about 3 inches to the measured size. This is your minimum recommended necklace length.

If you are planning on getting a custom-made necklace, make sure you don’t order a chain that is shorter than your recommended necklace length.

If you can imagine where your necklace should fall, you can better understand what length you might want to choose.

To measure this length, wrap your measuring tape around your neck. This time, connect the tape to the point you would like your necklace to reach.

The number you get is the length of your ideal necklace. You can order a custom necklace of this length or look for a standard necklace closest to this measurement.

2. Consider your height

The taller you are, the longer your necklace would be to complement your height.

If you are shorter than average, it might be that longer necklaces just don’t fit your height. It’s usually the case that shorter people are overwhelmed by longer necklaces.

On the other hand, shorter necklaces might get lost on you or just not suit you at all if you are taller than average.

As a general rule, the taller you are, the longer the necklace should be.

Consider choosing a necklace from 16 to 20 inches if you are below 5 feet tall.

If your height is between 5 feet 4 inches and 5 feet 7 inches, most necklaces within the range of standard length will suit you.

However, if you are over 5 feet 7 inches tall, consider going for longer necklaces of at least 20 inches in length.

Of course, feel free to rock whatever length you please. These are just general guidelines on what length suits what height.

If you are over 5 feet and like tighter necklaces (like a choker, for example), don’t let anyone stop you.

3. Consider your body type

Different sizes of necklaces suit different body types. For slimmer body types, shorter and thinner necklaces are ideal. A slightly thicker and longer necklace suits a fuller figure.

Beauty comes in many different shapes and forms. A necklace should enhance this beauty by adding to it. Just like different types and fits of clothes suit various body types, chains follow the same pattern.

For instance, if you are looking to accentuate the bust, a matinee may be the right choice, falling above your bust and just below your collarbone. Depending on your height, such a necklace would typically be around 20 to 24 inches long.

Necklaces can also effectively complement your hips. If your hips are wider, choose a thicker necklace. If you have smaller hips, a thinner necklace might work better for you.

When it comes to men, the broader your shoulders, the thicker the necklace should be.

If you have a broad chest and go for a thinner necklace, it might get lost on you, or it won’t be as pronounced. If your chest is tighter, stay away from necklaces that are too thick – this could make you look like you are chained.

These are general guidelines; always follow what looks best on you.

4. Consider your facial shape

Your necklace can affect the way your face looks. Depending on the size of your necklace, your face may appear wider, narrower, longer, or shorter.

Different styles of necklaces work well with different facial shapes.

For instance, a choker style (usually between 12 to 14 inches long, depending on the size of your neck) can balance and soften a sharp chin. Consider a choker if you have a heart, oblong, diamond, or rectangular face with a pointier chin angle.

If your face is oval, it goes well with pretty much any necklace length.

Since shorter necklaces help sharper facial features become smoother, people with round face shapes should avoid them as they make their faces appear even rounder.

5. Other things to consider when choosing your necklace

There are several additional and situational things to consider when you are choosing your necklace.

Outfit and occasion

If you are purchasing a necklace to go with a particular outfit and for certain occasions, consider going for a custom-length necklace.

While wearing formal attire, like a dress or a suit, a shorter necklace is better.

Longer necklaces go well with clothes that have a higher neck coverage, just like a turtleneck sweater.

Multiple chain style

A multiple chain style might be an exciting and refreshing style choice. This style is excellent for a pearl necklace.

Of course, you will need a considerably longer chain to wrap it around your neck two or more times.

Pendants affect the proportion

If you find yourself a necklace with a pendant, consider that the pendant might make the necklace look longer, thinner, or overall bigger.

Necklace size guide for women

Choker (12-14 in)

A choker-style necklace is very tight and creates a seductive and elegant look. It will usually not move around due to its tightness. Chokers are generally wider necklaces, and they can be in the form of pearls, metals, leather, or even fabric.

Collar (14 – 16 in)

A collar falls just above the collarbone. Collars offer a charming look, and you can wear them either for daytime or evening.

Princess (16 – 20 in)

Princess, being perhaps the most common necklace style, sits right below the collarbones. You can wear it to practically any occasion.

Matinee (20 – 24 in)

Great for both business and casual wear, the matinee falls between the collarbones and the bust. Most dresses (wedding dresses included) go perfectly well with a matinee length.

Opera (24 – 30 in)

Opera length typically falls below the bust depending on your body shape, height, and bust size. You can wear it as a double necklace, too. It works very well with formal attire.

Rope (30+ in)

Any necklace longer than 30 inches is considered a rope length. It is highly versatile due to its length. You can wear it as it is or wrapped around multiple times. Some people also like to knot it to express a more elegant style.

Necklace size guide for men

18 – 20 inches

Likely a choker on most men, this length would fall up to an inch below Adam’s apple.

20 – 24 inches

A 24-inch necklace will likely go up to the collarbone or a second button on a man’s shirt from the top. It is perhaps the most popular length of men’s necklaces.

24 – 28 inches

Depending on the neck size, this necklace typically falls in the middle of the sternum bone. If you prefer slightly longer necklaces, this might be the right one for you.

28+ inches

The longest range of men’s necklace length. It is for men who like their necklaces to fall quite low. Wearing a pendant necklace this long is not recommended.


When choosing the right necklace size, you need to consider your height, body type, facial features, wardrobe, and personal style preferences.

Wrap your measuring tape around your neck to the level you want your necklace to fall. Unless you’re measuring a choker, add about 3 inches to get your minimum recommended length.

What about a custom-made necklace? Why not pick your ideal length, width, and material?

Order a custom-made necklace tailored to your very own ideas and taste on Jewelers Connect.