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What is Your Favorite Cut Shape for Rings?

By Ryan on Mar 10, 2022
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There are so many different cuts to choose from when it comes to rings. Some people prefer the more traditional round or princess cut, while others like the edgier emerald or marquise cut. It really just depends on your personal preference!

Based on our Instagram polls, the most loved shapes are radiant cut, princess cut and oval cut. Radiant shape is the number one favorite and we can not blame the voters. We think that before choosing which shape is the right choice for you, you could read more about the key characteristics of each ring cut. Here are a few of the most popular ring cuts:

Round cut

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The round cut is by far the most popular shape for engagement rings. It is classic and timeless, and its simple shape makes it very versatile. The circular shape captures the light better than any other diamond shape. The faceting on round cut diamonds makes color inclusions appear significantly more brilliant. This style is the most popular diamond cut giving you a vast range of setting options to choose from.

Round-cut diamonds have a uniform and symmetrical shape made up of 58 facets, which qualifies them as a brilliant cut. The traditional round brilliant cut stones were deliberately designed with 58 facets to give them their distinct sparkle. Simply put, no other diamond cut can compare with the brilliance of a round cut diamond.

Round brilliant diamonds account for about two-thirds of all diamonds sold, making them the most popular diamond shape on the market. While they are the most popular and widely available option on the market, they are also the most expensive. Why is it so pricey? Demand and what is called rough wastage. Up to 38% of a stone is wasted when a diamond is cut into a round shape, making it the most expensive shape to create.

Princess cut

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The princess cut is also a very popular choice for engagement rings. It is elegant and feminine, and looks great with any type of setting. Modern and simple, princess-cut engagement rings feature a square-shaped center stone, with each corner culminating in a 90-degree point. Commonly referred to as a square-cut diamond engagement ring, this shape is among the most popular of the fancy-cut diamonds. A fairly modern and contemporary cut, the streamlined angles of a princess cut diamond disperse light more so than many other shapes, while its four corners give it a distinct, geometrical look.

As a result of cutting efficiency, the princess gets its sparkle and straight lines. It is the best option for women who are looking for something new and unique for their wedding.

They are less expensive compared to round diamond rings since they possess an octahedral shape. The diamond rough is cut in half which minimizes the waste. If you’re looking for a diamond ring, then you will see a great price difference between the princess cut wedding bands and other types of diamond rings. The princess diamonds will cost you up to 25 to 40% lesser than round shape diamonds.

The fancy princess cut diamond offers way too many variations than standard round diamonds. The ring facets hide blemishes and do not accentuate color tinting.

Emerald cut


The emerald cut diamond is a bit more unique than the other two shapes, but it is still very popular. It has a more modern look and is great for showing off large diamonds. Its is a stunningly beautiful diamond cut with long lines that give the stone an elegant and sophisticated look. It offers a powerful combination of understated light return and intense clarity, that is ideal for any setting. The cut results in a shallow, rectangular gemstone or diamond with an average number of 58 facets. The facets are quite large, and bright flashes can occur when light is reflected off the long, glossy and polished facets of the cut.

Emerald cut diamonds are also less expensive than other fancy cuts. They are typically half the price of a comparable brilliant round diamond. Unlike many other types of diamond or gemstone cuts too, a great emerald cut can be achieved in extremely large carat sizes (well over 5 carats).

Last but not least, emerald diamonds fit very nicely together side-by-side, and the emerald cut wedding band is beautiful on its own, paired with an engagement ring or for use as a unique eye catching engagement ring.

Marquise cut 


The marquise cut is another unique choice that is becoming increasingly popular. It has a vintage feel and looks great with smaller diamonds. The marquise is a variant of round and pear shaped diamonds and, like the oval, is a perfect complement to long, slender fingers. The long, thin body and pointed ends are very enchanting , so when you wear this stone in your engagement ring, your fingers will appear longer and skinnier.

However, there are advantages for both your ring and your hand. This diamond shape’s elongated body can make its appearance larger than its actual carat weight. This is why you’ll be able to get the same carat weight and have your stone appear bigger than someone who purchases a round brilliant diamond.

Radiant cut 

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The radiant cut is a more contemporary choice that is perfect for those who want something a little different. It has a unique shape and can be very sparkly.

The radiant cut can be generally thought of as a hybrid shape- a cross between an emerald cut and a round brilliant. It shares an identical shape outline with the emerald cut featuring a square or rectangular overall shape, with corners that are clipped straight so that the outline is a straight lined octagon.

But whereas the emerald cut features a facet arrangement of horizontal ‘step’ facets, the radiant has a mixture of horizontal and vertical facets that give it a completely different visual appearance.

However radiant diamonds are also available in a square shape. The difference simply comes down to their length to width ratio. This diamond shape also tend to be a very popular choice for fancy colored diamonds because they capture more rough diamond color than other cuts.

Cushion cut

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The cushion cut is a more traditional choice that has been making a comeback in recent years. It is very romantic and feminine, and looks great with smaller diamonds. True to its name, a cushion cut diamond combines a square cut with rounded corners that resemble a pillow.

The cushion cut is comprised of 58 facets, all of which disperse light, resulting in a sparkly and dynamic appearance. They’re generally square, but you can also find them in slightly elongated rectangular shapes. Cushion cut diamonds are a great alternative to round diamonds, offering brilliance and sparkle, combined with a soft, unique shape, for a lower price.

In fact, a 1 carat round diamond generally costs around 15-20% more than a cushion cut diamond of the same weight. The cushion cut is also a versatile shape: it comes in a variety of cuts and ratios, allowing to create inspiring designs. It’s no wonder women the world over are wearing cushion cut engagement rings, from Meghan Markle to Kim Kardashian.

Pear cut

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The pear cut is a unique shape that is perfect for those who want something a little different. It is very flattering and looks great with any type of setting. Its signature silhouette is instantly recognized and much beloved.

The pear has a similar faceting structure to the round brilliant cuts. Because of this, it retains that coveted fire and brilliance that makes a diamond so appealing. The pear shape can be worn with the tip pointing upwards or downwards on the finger, so it is a shape of contrasts. The shape has dynamism to it, feeling classic, yet making a bold statement.

When selecting a pear-shaped diamond, symmetry is very important. To ensure the beautiful soft curves are even and the point is centered, you can choose a symmetry grade of Excellent (EX) or Very Good (VG).

Oval cut

oval cut

The oval cut is a more traditional choice that has been making a comeback in recent years. It is very flattering and looks great with any type of setting. If you love the curved edges and sparkle of a round diamond, but want something more unique, an oval diamond fits the bill. It’s often said that oval cut diamonds are somewhere between the Round and the Marquise shape.

An oval diamond benefits from a larger surface area, which translates to greater carat weight; as a result, oval diamonds frequently appear to be larger than their round counterparts. The elongated shape is also known to flatter the wearer as they move with the natural lines and curves of your finger.

What’s the ideal ratio for an oval cut? It’s a matter of personal preference, a larger ratio will give a narrow, long oval shape, elongating the wearer’s finger, while a smaller ratio will give a more rounded shape, often more likely to prevent a bow tie effect.

Asscher cut

asscher cut

The asscher cut is a more unique choice that is becoming increasingly popular. It has a vintage feel and looks great with smaller diamonds.

The Asscher cut diamond has 72 facets, which are larger and wider, set three rows on top and three on the bottom. The elegant step cut draws your eye into the center of the stone, both fascinating and mesmerizing anyone with its flashes. When grading diamonds of this shape, the GIA commonly refers to it as an Asscher cut cornered square step cut, a square emerald cut, or an octagonal cut.

The Asscher cut creates the “Hall of Mirrors” effect, which is also seen in emerald cut diamonds. The Asscher has minimal waste during the cutting process, which means Asscher diamond engagement rings are excellent value for money.


We have listed the characteristics for each shape to help you decide on which cut shape is best for you. All these shapes are beautiful, and it really comes down to personal preference. If you need any more help, our experts are always available to answer your questions. Contact us today!