Perfect Jewelry To Complement Your Wedding Dress Neckline

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Perfect Jewelry To Complement Your Wedding Dress Neckline

By Ryan on Aug 22, 2021

Now when you have picked out your dream dress, a gorgeous veil, and headpiece to match, let’s move on to the fun part of accessorizing it for an extra touch of gorgeousness- to make the task stress-free and fun we have listed some essentials to keep in mind while selecting your wedding dress jewelry, keeping in mind the neckline of your wedding dress. Finding the perfect wedding dress is not the only battle you have to win; complementing the right jewelry puts an end to the struggle. When accessorizing your look you cannot neglect the neckline of your dress, if you are past the first stage, it’s time to accessorize your flawless wedding gown. It always comes down to personal preferences but there are several do’s and don’ts to follow to achieve a win-win look for your big day.


Sometimes analyzing the necklines of a wedding dress is the simplest way to plan out what jewelry to wear on the big day. Of course, what you can wear with a sweetheart neckline will not necessarily complement a Queen Anne neckline. Have a look at these different necklines and some suggestions to keep in mind.

Sweetheart– This versatile neckline never goes out of style, always a right option if elegance is what you are looking for. It doesn’t matter if you are small breasted or well endowed, sweetheart necklines always accentuate your curves while showing a little bit of skin.

Having that said, while picking jewelry with a sweetheart neckline, it’s preferable to go for something that can highlight the flattering cut.

For example, a delicate drop necklace with a dangly, sparkly pear shaped diamond further surrounded by some diamonds, don’t forget to wear your matching pear shaped diamond earrings.

V-neck– V-necks can be a more formal option yet a classic. If you’re going with a v-neck, a simple pendant will do the job.

You can have a decorative pendant with a gemstone, pendant necklaces showcase your elegant neckline by hanging from your neck, finish the look by pairing it with some dangly earrings.

Strapless– Strapless gown are the go-to option for most of the brides. With a strapless dress, you have a sufficient amount of skin exposed, so you have plenty of options to work with.

Some common options are sparkly diamond necklaces reaching up to the neckline, it is better if the length reaches halfway between the neckline and collarbone, next, frame your face with a pair of gorgeous chandelier drop earrings.

Halter– Wearing a necklace with a halter, high or Queen Anne neckline can be difficult as it takes up quite a bit space on your neck.

To add some flair to your wedding attire, wear some dangling pair of earrings, complementing the look with a pearl or diamond bracelet or a studded cuff.

Straight-  Straight necklines .are simple and elegant.

Style it with a statement necklace which will instantly add a little glitz to your dress and of course you cannot leave out your matching studs.

Illusion and one shoulder– Usually the jewelry you pick with an illusion neckline also goes with an off shoulder kind of a look. Both of these necklines are absolutely classy, creating a sense of elegance right away.

You can complement these looks by going with a pair of delicate earrings or drop earrings. You will never go wrong with drop earrings especially pairing with them these two necklines.