Jewelry Repairs: How to Get Your Gems Fixed

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Jewelry Repairs: How to Get Your Gems and Precious Metal Pieces Fixed

By Ryan on Sep 22, 2022

No one is perfect, and that includes your jewelry. Even the most careful people can end up with a broken necklace or a loose gemstone. When this happens, it’s important to know how to get your jewelry fixed properly. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of repairs that are available for gems and precious metals. We will also provide some tips on how to choose a qualified jeweler to fix your pieces. Let’s get started!

Your jewelry is unique to you. Almost every day, you put on your favorite pieces. We often associate our favorite memories or people with jewelry. They evoke feelings.  Whether it’s mending a broken heart, restoring a memory, or repairing a connection to the past, jewelry repair experts can take on the most frequent repairs and bring your jewelry back to life.

A great approach to keeping your jewelry appearing brand new is to spot damage to it as soon as it occurs (and save a little money too).

Check to verify if your jewelry is still covered by the warranty if it is damaged! But what kinds of jewelry damage should you be aware of? The six most frequent jewelry repairs are ones where you can actually see the damage. Alternately, ask a qualified jeweler to inspect it. What can jewelers repair?


jewelry repair

Meet the jewelry repair methods:


Ring Sizing and Soldering


Ring resizing is among the most popular types of repair, for two reasons. First off, you can receive a ring in the family that is a different size from a parent or other close relative. Our bodies change as we age, and your finger size may enlarge with time for several reasons, including arthritis. This is the second reason for repairs.


Whether a ring is too big or too tiny determines how it is adjusted. For instance, if the ring is too big, professionals will cut an opening at the bottom and insert a spacer to make the metal wider. They will then melt down the metal spacer to make the band look smooth.


In the winter, your wedding band might fit just right, but in the summer, you can’t take it off! The benefits of having the proper ring size are numerous. You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re sick of your gorgeous diamond ring slipping to one side.

Your wedding set will stay in place and won’t get damaged if you solder it together. When rubbing against one another, metals, diamonds, or other gemstones will scratch or wear. Consider ring soldering to avoid costly repairs that wear down your wedding set. Your soldered rings will appear flawless with expert jewelry repair.


Prong repair

Prong repair


Prongs are an important part of any piece of jewelry because they hold gemstones in place. These have the drawback of breaking, particularly if the metal is thin, which could cause the gem to fall out. The prongs like to snag on your favorite cozy blanket and sweater. You can see the damage for yourself if the prongs are damaged.


An experienced jeweler will either bend the prong back, re-tip, or replace the prong, depending on the extent of the damage. “Prong re-tipping,” is performed by making a new prong out of metal and then heating the material and jewelry to ensure that it adheres.

These repairs should be left in the hands of a qualified jeweler because there is a thin line between securing a stone and creating additional repair issues.


Stone replacement

Stone replacement


Sharp blows or broken prongs can cause stone damage. Regular jewelry inspections can detect loose or broken stones early on. The stone might become damaged enough for you to see if you haven’t seen a highly competent jeweler in a long time. Stone replacement doesn’t always include using a broken or missing stone. When you hit a life milestone and want to treat yourself to an upgrade, it might be a reason for celebration.


Take it to a professional for repair if you notice that the gemstone is moving. To guarantee that the stone is kept securely in place, the jeweler will tighten the prongs into the proper position.

The stone itself might occasionally get damaged or even fall out completely. You must take it to a shop if either of these occur so that a specialist can replace the stone.


Chain or clasp repair

Chain or clasp repair

Necklaces and bracelets are popular accessories that many people enjoy wearing and usually never take them off, especially meaningful necklaces.

These items’ clasps or chains, however, may break due to wear or other factors. This is fixed by qualified jewelers by replacing the clasp.

Broken necklaces, chains, and clasps are common and easy to repair. When chains and clasps break, a qualified jeweler will match the finest metals. A perfect transition for your cherished jewelry.


Cleaning and polishing

Cleaning and polishing

If your piece is no longer gleaming in the light, it may benefit from a good polishing. Direct sunshine, cleaning chemicals, and perfume are just a few examples of what can cause a piece to fade. The jewelers tackle this problem by giving a new polish to the jewelry piece, making it look original and worthwhile to wear. It gains additional strength and life through this process, while also improving the appearance.


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We have a tendency to cherish precious things, especially diamonds. Given that you’ve been wearing them every day of your life, they unquestionably require a thorough cleaning to get rid of the dirt, soap, and cream residues that have accumulated on them. A reputable jewelry repair shop can make sure to clean them thoroughly and use the proper jewelry repair equipment. As an alternative, you can get DIY jewelry cleaning supplies to keep your jewelry sparkling.

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Jewelry is used in our daily lives to adorn our bodies in a very personal way. It can be pricey and is regarded as a luxury. When things break or get damaged, it can be frustrating. However, it’s usually simple to repair or replace jewelry. A jeweler can quickly return your priceless piece to its original state because they perform these jewelry repairs on a daily basis. Understanding the most common jewelry repairs allows you to be more knowledgeable and comfortable when taking your jewelry in for repair.