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How to Pack Jewelry for Travel

By Ryan on Apr 17, 2023
How to pack jewelers for travel

Jewelry is a necessary element of style and elegance. Traveling with jewelry is a perfect idea to personalize your style and keep elegant without carrying a lot of outfits. Yet how can you keep jewelry organized so that you don’t unzip your bag and discover a huge, disorganized mess?

We looked on the web for the best jewelry packing tips and creative ways to carry necklaces, earrings, rings, and bands. The good thing is that a lot of these tasks may be performed with things you possess already in your house.

There is a wide range of options possible when considering creative ways to pack jewelry for travel. To keep every piece of jewelry apart from mess and untangled, use simple jewelry organizers. You may test a DIY method using simple household products, or you may buy relatively affordable jewelry organizers that maintain each of your jewelry pieces sorted and tangle-free.

10 Jewelry Packing Tips for Travel

How to pack jewelers for travel

It may be overwhelming to pack for travel, and a frequent complaint is that you’ll eventually wind up with a tangle of chains, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in your bags. To keep jewelry organized, the key to packing jewelry for travel is to choose items that will match the outfits you intend to bring. It’s essential to figure out how to pack jewelry for travel to prevent damage or loss. The appropriate jewelry organizer is useful, but you may also use things you already have in your house to keep your jewelry untangled when you travel.

Are you looking for the most suitable jewelry packing tips for travel? Here are some simple and affordable jewelry organizing options and DIY solutions you may choose for your next travel.

 Jewelry Roll Organizer:

Having to travel with jewelry is made easier with a jewelry roll organizer. These relatively affordable organizers will let you organize all of your items into separate divisions, avoiding anything from becoming entangled.

A roll-up organizer is an excellent option when you’re having trouble figuring out how to pack jewelry for travel as it won’t take up a lot of space. The jewelry roll organizer’s flexibility to roll up compactly for travel yet can be unrolled and hung in a hotel room is also another adorable feature. When you desire to embellish attire while on your travel, all of your jewelry items are on display.

 Travel Towel as a Jewelry Roll:

If you are unwilling to spend money on a jewelry roll organizer, you can make your DIY jewelry roll by yourself using a small travel towel.  Roll the towel after carefully arranging your jewelry. Knot it down at the ends and you’ve simply created a quick and simple DIY jewelry roll organizer.


 Seal Your Jewelry in a Vacuum:

Utilizing plastic seals is another DIY solution to keep your jewelry organized. This technique will keep all items in their appropriate position and avoid necklaces from being tangled when they are kept in jewelry boxes.

Place all of your accessories on a single piece of sheet and seal it with a second plastic sheet and press it down.

 Jewelry Box Organizer:

As it offers both organization and protection for your valuable jewelry pieces, a small jewelry box organizer is a smart investment if you travel frequently with jewelry.

The fact that this box organizer contains inserts for your bigger jewelry items and slots for your studs makes it among the best options for packing jewelry for air travel. Through it is zipper seal, it also helps move your jewelry from one place to another straightforwardly. It is one of the best ways to keep jewelry organized and secure.

Create Your Own Paper Roll Jewelry Organizer:

You can design a wonderful DIY travel jewelry organizer out of a toilet paper roll.  Insert your necklaces through the opening in the paper roll, your earrings on the sides, and your bracelets around the roll. To prevent overloading, attempt to just stuff the roll about halfway. Consider placing your DIY paper roll jewelry organizer in a gallon-size sealed bag as well to prevent anything from falling off it during the travel.


 Pouch Jewelry Holder:

Pick a good soft pouch if your jewelry does not at all need much upkeep. Get some cloth and tie it using a piece of ribbon or even a rubber band for a simple DIY project.

But, you may also get a cheap pouch jewelry holder online or from some local shops. If you like the idea of keeping your favorite jewelry in a soft pouch, you may go with a pouch jewelry holder.

 Use a Pill Case:

When it comes to how to pack jewelry for travel, nothing compares to the seven-day pill case. If you wish, you might also sort your jewelry by day and create a jewelry and style schedule in advance. Small, compact pill cases can keep all of your jewelry organized.

 Place Earrings on Buttons:

An effective method to organize earrings is using buttons. To avoid loss, tuck the pair into a button and keep them close at hand.

This button technique is useful in association with other organizers like the pill case, jewelry box, or jewelry roll. The use of buttons on your earring and studs will prevent these small jewelry items from losing their match.

 Use Straws to Keep Your Necklaces:

You might discover that reusable plastic straws are the right thing to use while organizing your jewelry. Necklaces usually appear to tangle in travel, so it could be difficult to understand how to pack jewelry for travel. Simply insert a portion of the necklace into the straw to minimize tangling. You won’t ever need to untangle your necklaces again because the plastic straw will hold your necklaces in place.

 Jewelry Attached to a Paper Plate:

Use disposable paper plates to keep your jewelry at home or on travel when you’ve got any. Make holes on one plate for your bracelets or chains, then put your earrings in the middle. To keep your things protected in travel, you may pack the plate in a sealed bag or some other packing organizer.

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