7 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Needs for a Stunning Look

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Some Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Needs for a Stunning Look

By Ryan on Jul 07, 2022
Jewelry Pieces

When it comes to jewelry, there are a few pieces that every woman should have in her collection. These pieces can help you create stunning looks for any occasion. Here is our list of the 7 jewelry-investment pieces every woman needs!

1.Hoop earrings

Every woman needs at least one pair of hoops in her jewelry collection; they are a timeless fashion staple. They’re incredibly versatile for such a simple design: large gold hoops are a summer must-have, while lobes layered with tiny ‘huggies’ are the new way to wear diamonds.

Fine gold hoops are ideal for beginners. Hoops have been around for decades because they are really comfy and look good with everything.

You can be creative and choose from different designs. Take a look at these huggie hoops created on JewelersConnect.com:

A flash of color, ideal for adding instant elegance, and medium-sized, chunky hoops for everyday use should also be included in the ultimate hoop-earring collection.

Hoops are not only wearable during the daytime. You can elevate the design: hoop earrings can be embellished with elegant marquise diamonds, making them the perfect finishing touch for most after-dark looks.

2.Chain Necklace

The chain necklace has emerged as one of the hottest jewelry trends in recent years.  It is a must-have for any woman who wants to add a touch of edge and sophistication to her look.

A chain necklace can be worn alone or layered with other necklaces to create a unique look. It can also be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Whether you choose a delicate gold chain or a statement-making chain necklace, make sure to choose a style that flatters your neckline.

Chains are best worn casually (layer two or three over a white T-shirt or tank top in the summer) or to add interest to weighty knits in the winter. Additionally, curb-link designs are the ideal industrial-chic counterpoint to ladylike attire.

3.Ear cuffs

Multiple ear piercings let you mix and match precious hoops and studs, creating a one-of-a-kind ‘ear compilation.’ But cartilage piercings do have some downsides. Enter the ear cuff: a versatile method to get a cool, modern look without getting pierced.

The ear cuff has added a whole new layer to the way we adorn our ears. It brings so much light and energy around the face.

For a more subtle look, choose an ear cuff with just a few delicate details. If you’re feeling daring, go for an ear cuff with bolder embellishments.

You can also experiment with different materials. Gold and silver are the most popular choices, but you can also find ear cuffs made of brass or even leather.

In various shades of gold, often studded with diamonds or colored sapphires, designs range from a pared-back, plain rose-gold hoop to a wave-shaped cuff inlaid with baguette-cut diamonds.

An ear cuff can dress up any outfit, whether you’re wearing a casual t-shirt or a formal gown. It’s the perfect way to add a little bit of edge to your look.

4.A classic watch

The perfect everyday accessory, a watch adds the finishing touch to any outfit. As a result, every self-respecting watch collection should include a pared-back classic by an established brand that possesses both style and horological cachet.

Round dials are generally flattering, whilst square or rectangular dials are the ultimate in elegance. Pick the metal color that you wear the most, and spend as much money as your budget will allow on the best products and craftsmanship.

5.Colored gemstones

Nature offers a palette to complement each style and skin tone, from deep rubies and exquisite emeralds to rainbow-colored sapphires and the infinite shades of semi-precious gemstones.

Adding colorful gemstones to your collection, like choosing your signature clothing colors, begins with determining which shades work best for you.

If you tend to wear a lot of black, white, and neutrals, then brightly colored gemstones will add a much-needed pop of color to your look.

On the other hand, if you already have a colorful wardrobe, then opting for more subdued gemstone colors will help create a sense of balance in your overall look.

No matter what your style, there’s a colored gemstone that’s perfect for you.

Emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are the most popular colored gemstones, but there are many other options to choose from, including amethyst, tourmaline, and turquoise.

Color is certainly one of the most important factors to consider when investing in gemstones. In order to avoid any shade mixtures, it is crucial to ensure that the color of the gemstones is pure. For example, in the case of blue gemstones, the color might range from bluish to green.

Before investing, it is important to understand some basic facts, such as the fact that the color of a gemstone is determined by its hue, saturation, and tone. To ensure that the color seems purer and better, the tone and saturation should always be higher.

6.A cocktail ring

A statement ring in your collection is a must-have for all of life’s special occasions. Cocktail rings, made popular in the Roaring ’20s, are magnificent, with prominent designs, distinctive shapes, and brilliant hues.

Cocktail rings are also known as right-hand rings, and they are a representation of female freedom and rebellion. Wearing a cocktail ring to your next occasion will make you stand out.

Cocktail rings are a no-brainer evening accessory, but for true decadence, wear yours in the daytime, dressed down with jeans, a tee, and a relaxed blazer.


7.Custom work

There’s nothing more special than having something designed just for you. Bespoke services on JC have crafted everything from rings to bracelets using only the most exceptional colored gemstones. It will cost you less, and you’re paying for excellent craftsmanship and a design that’s unique to you—and for something you’ll keep forever.

A piece of custom jewelry is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your look. Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind ring or bracelet, JC can help you create the perfect piece of jewelry that’s sure to turn heads.

Connect with us today to start crafting your jewelry investment piece that will last forever.