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Finding The Perfect Signet Ring

By Ryan on Jan 21, 2022
Signet Ring

Signet ring originates from the Latin word “signum” meaning “sign”. Signet rings played a very important role in business and politics within early civilizations. In fact, these rings carry a cultural and significance that dates to ancient times.

These classic signet rings were used to mark and seal legal documents by pressing the face which were historically marked with a unique family crest, into hot wax. This traditional signet ring was in a way a representative of its wearer. It could have been a name, initials, job title, rank, organization, or family crest.

But they were not just for sealing, owning these custom-made pieces of jewelry was a sign of status and power. By the Middle Ages, members of high-class families also used gold signet rings with the family crest to sign official documents. Due to these royal beginnings, they were seen as a symbol of wealth and class.

These unique rings have transitioned over time into what we know and love today and have become a popular style among both men and women. Signet rings have been part of men’s fashion for thousands of years and were usually worn by wealthy and important men. Men of influence have been donning a wearable form of identification and communication known as this gold signet ring.

Today, it’s simply an attractive accessory that any man can wear for an elegant gentleman look. Traditionally, women did not wear signet rings as they did not participate in business or political affairs. Therefore, many modern women choose sleek fashionable ring styles, from chunky pinky rings to delicate embellished bands.

Nowadays, signet rings are worn in different ways and for different purposes; they make the perfect ring for celebrating graduations and other special occasions.

Signet Ring


Signet rings styles for your inspiration

There are plenty of traditional and modern designs that we have encountered through jewelry making projects, like:

-Custom Family Crests Signet to build a priceless family heirloom and pass on through generations.

-Signet Rings for School College University and Graduation.

-Military Signet Rings worn as a source of pride to reflect the service.

-Religious; It can be built as a personalized religious gift by engraving your religious symbol, famous image, or any other text showing your holy religion.

-Initial Signet Rings; silver and gold initial signet rings offer a lasting way to commemorate important moments in life.

-Monogram Signet Rings; like initial rings, it generally carries the first, middle, and last initial of the wearer in a choice of font and engraving style, on any ring size, shape, or precious metal.

-Gemstone Signet Rings, choosing gems and stones that have significance.

-Diamond Signet Rings as a powerful form of personal expression.

-Signet Rings with custom symbols and details engraved.

Signet Ring trend


Metal, shape, and style options

When it comes to signet rings, you want to make sure that the ring is perfect for your needs. A custom signet ring can be designed with a variety of precious metal materials including gold, silver, white gold, rose gold and more.

You also have many different styles that are available when designing these rings. Jewelry design allows you to choose from many different shapes and designs, adding your desired details that will appeal to your personal taste while still being stylish at the same time.

Depending on what kind of material you’re looking for in your ring, there are some important factors that need to be considered before purchasing one. For example, if the jewelry is not custom designed then it may not fit properly, or it could break easily due to low quality material used during production.

Custom signet rings are one way to do this! There are so many options when it comes to personalizing your ring: you can choose the shape, size, metal type, and engraving or design on the inside all with ease!

Most rings come in 10, 14, or 18 karat gold. Either white gold rose gold or yellow gold. You can also go with sterling silver for a lot less expensive option.

Shapes of signet rings

There are six common shapes, that have lasted through time:

  • Round: a sophisticated, circular traditional shape
  • Oxford Oval: Somewhere between an oval and a circle, this is the most popular signet ring shape
  • Oxford: a heavy, square-ish ring that takes the shape of a solid square or rectangle with rounded corners
  • Marquise: a diamond shape with rounded edges that is elegant but unusual in signet rings
  • Octagon: a very modern, angular spin on circular bezels
  • Cushion: a popular shape during the Victorian era and still a favorite today

When choosing a bezel shape for your signet ring, you should consider the size and wearability of each style, so you can design a comfortable ring.

Popular surface design options for bezels can include:

  • Engraved: Jewelers reverse engrave signet rings to ensure the symbol is stamped in the correct direction when in use.
  • Blank: Some wearers prefer to leave the bezel blank with a polished or brushed finish. If you want the shape and allure of a signet ring without adding identifying information, this may be a perfect solution.
  • Stamped: An affordable alternative to engraving, stamping provides a modern twist to the signet style. Stamped rings are created by taking a physical stamp and pressing it into the surface of the metal after heating. Hand stamped rings provide a more rustic appeal than the classic ring design.
  • Embossed: Embossed rings are less common, but still an option. Embossing requires pushing metal down around a design to have a raised look. These custom designs are beautiful, but they tend to wear down with time given their raised surface.

One thing is certain – choosing a custom design means that you have so many options available when it comes to creating a signet ring that is truly unique. Custom jewelry design can be more affordable than you think, especially when considering the long-term value of your purchase!

Finding the perfect signet ring doesn’t have to be difficult – with so many options available, you’re sure to find something that fits your style and personality perfectly!


Gemstones are not typically used on signet rings, but if you are looking for a way to add some extra personality to your jewelry, they can be a great option.

Jewelry crafters use gemstones as a bezel surface in many signet rings. They build a large, flat piece of gemstone that sets into the bezel of the ring. This piece becomes the base for the ring, and it can be a flat stone the wearer chooses.

The most common options are bloodstone, lapis lazuli, onyx, tigers’ eye, and carnelian, but modern wearers may choose to add other gemstones to the bezel of their ring, such as diamonds, sapphires, etc.

When choosing a gemstone, you should consider the color and cut of the stone. You also want to make sure that the gemstone is durable enough for everyday wear. If you are looking for a unique option that will really make your ring stand out, adding a gemstone is a great choice!

On which finger should I wear my custom signet ring?

There are no specific rules for signet ring wear, such as wearing it on the nondominant hand. In the US, signet rings are usually worn on the ring, index, or pinky finger.

Custom signet rings can be worn on any finger, on the left or right hand and there is no wrong way to wear them. A customized ring will fit like a glove, especially if they’re made from scratch!

How to pair your custom signet ring with other jewelry?

When it comes to pairing your custom signet ring with other jewelry, it really depends on your personal style. If you want to keep it simple, you can always wear it with a plain gold or silver chain. If you want to add a little more sparkle, try pairing it with a diamond necklace or bracelet. They are also perfect for stacking with other rings – mix and match different shapes and colors to have a unique look.

When styling your ring, keep in mind when and where you plan to wear your special piece. If you’ll often wear this ring in a casual environment or to the office, it may be best to choose a durable material and ensure the symbol is reverse engraved to avoid any segments wearing down with time.


Create a custom signet ring that is significant to you

Signet rings have come a long way, and new metals, gemstones, and better production processes provide unlimited options for shoppers to create a signature look.

Design a custom signet ring and wear it with pride! Whether you choose to have your initials engraved on the ring or select a unique gemstone, make sure that the ring is something special that you will love and appreciate for years to come. You can mix and match and create the perfect custom signet ring for your personality. From the traditional coat of arms design to a unique and personal logo, we help shape every detail of your ring into a beautiful, heirloom quality piece.

Signet rings can be pricey, depending on the design, engravement process, and materials you choose. Customized rings have become a beautiful accessory to make a bold statement, and as you can imagine, the more complex the design, the higher the price. However, there are many affordable options available, so you can find a ring that fits your budget and style.

The cost of a signet ring depends on many factors. There are so many possible designs that it’s difficult to make an estimate without knowing the design of your project.

Did you know that connects you with qualified jewelers to follow the latest trends while creating customized jewelry pieces?


Signet Ring

Now that you know all about signet rings, it’s time to build your own! Whether you want to add a stone to the band or stamp your initials on it, find out how you can design a custom signet ring that is special and significant. We can design a piece that is unique to you or based on an existing family crest or logo or you can search for a design you like and have it modeled of that. Whatever your need, we can help you build a beautiful, custom-made signet ring. Sign up for a free account and receive offers from jewelers around the US, to make it for you!


When selecting a custom jeweler to design your ring, it is important to consider the quality of their work as well as the cost and price. provides you with access to qualified jewelers who have years of experience in creating customized pieces, so you can be sure your ring will be of the highest quality.

An affordable alternative to engraving, stamping provides a modern twist to the signet style ring. Custom jewelry designers use dies to stamp letters, symbols, and images into the rings surface. This can be a great option if you are looking for an affordable way to add personalization to your ring. This can be a difficult process and results in a more delicate ring.

Our Custom Signet Ring process starts with finding the right Jeweler for you. Contact us if you need any help! We offer free consultations with experienced Custom Jewelers who can help bring your ideas to life. From there, they will make a design and mock-up for you to approve before starting the manufacturing process. They will be in contact with you on every detail. We want to make sure that you are happy with your ring every step of the way!

Once you have finalized your design, the Custom Jeweler will start sourcing materials and creating a wax mold of the piece. This mold is used to build the ring in the desired metal. Custom Jewelers use state-of-the-art technology and equipment, ensuring that your ring is created precisely as you designed it.

After the piece is created, it goes through a final inspection to make sure that it meets the high-quality standards. If there are any changes required, the Custom Jeweler will work with you until you are completely satisfied.

We hope this article has been helpful in giving you some ideas and inspiration for designing your own signet! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you design a one-of-a-kind piece that you will love.

Every piece of jewelry created on is created from your ideas. You bring your vision; our jewelers give it life!

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