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Baguette Diamond Rings Trend

By Ryan on Jan 21, 2022
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The baguette diamond was created in the 1920s and originates from the Art Deco era, which started in France during that time. It was named a “baguette” diamond because the elongated shape resembles a French baguette. The baguette diamond is cut in a way that it has many thin, flat facets horizontally. If you look at the baguette diamond from the side, it would have a hexagonal shape.

In general, baguette diamonds are an elegant choice to add personality and flair to almost any ring. Baguettes can stand alone or can be combined with baguette cut diamonds to create stunning designs.

With the variance in baguette widths, baguettes are versatile enough to be set on their own or surround another diamond. A baguette can be used as a side accent for an intense halo frame of smaller baguettes around an elongated center stone. Or they can be used to highlight a baguette cut center stone.

The use of baguette diamonds is a popular design trend. But the baguette diamond itself is not new – it’s been around since the 1920s and was first created by Louis Cartier for his famous Tank Watch.

Nowadays, baguette rings are very popular, they have a timeless and classic design, a cut that will never go out of style. Baguettes always complement other diamond shapes and jewelry.

We have run several posts about baguette rings on our Instagram page and the results show that most of the shoppers prefer gold baguette rings compared to other metal combinations.

Baguette rings can be created in many different metal combinations on our website where you can design baguettes set with diamonds, baguette setting only and baguette diamond cut.

You can build baguette rings for every style tastes, from the classic four claw engagement ring to more modern baguette setting with either baguettes only or baguettes surrounded by diamonds.

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Diamond cut and clarity

When it comes to a baguette-cut diamond cut and clarity matter more. Baguette stones require fewer cuts than other cuts of diamonds. There are only 14 facets in a baguette-cut stone; this means that precision is important. Avoid inclusions because they are usually more visible in a baguette diamond than a round brilliant.

Make sure that the baguette diamonds you choose, have a clarity grade that is high enough because this cut makes flaws more visible. You don’t need to go for the highest clarity, but you can make sure that the stone is eye clean.


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Are Baguette Diamonds expensive?

Baguettes diamonds are expensive for many reasons, but the main reason is because of how well they are cut. The baguette shape is extremely difficult to perfect, so if you see a baguette diamond that has been polished perfectly you can be sure its price is high.

On the other hand, baguette cut diamonds are less expensive than other cuts mainly due to their carat size. You can expect to pay more for the best quality and larger size of baguette diamonds, but there shouldn’t be a price increase as you see with larger cut round and fancy-shaped diamonds.

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Baguette Engagement Ring Settings

Baguette diamonds are a wonderful option for side stones in a three-stone ring. They are also beautiful as accent gems on their own. The ideal gem and setting will complement the central stone and create a lovely engagement ring.

Baguette diamonds are typically set horizontally on rings, with one Baguette diamond on each side drawing attention to a center stone. It’s also typical for tapered baguettes in this design to have the narrow end facing away from the center stone.

How to Clean a Baguette Ring

Be sure to clean your baguette stones regularly. While diamonds last forever, regular cleaning and proper care are crucial to keep them brilliant and sparkling.

It’s important to clean underneath the ring’s shaft so that dirt don’t build up in the ring. The best way to clean it is with a mild soap and water mixture. If you’re unsure of how to clean the ring, you can take it to your local jeweler, who will delicately take care of the ring and use ultrasonic machines to give your diamond a good cleaning on occasion. After wearing it, be sure to store your band in a safe place, like a jewelry box or fabric-lined ring box.

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The baguette diamond has a long history in the jewelry business. You’ll immediately think of the Art Deco era when you see the stylish and sophisticated baguette diamond. You’ll recall clean lines and geometric forms, as though you were looking at a timepiece from that era. The distinctive cut captures both the past and current eras. The baguette diamond jewelry and bands of today are both ultra-contemporary and unmistakably ancient. The diamond cut captures popularity in all three eras: past, present, and future.

If you are looking to purchase baguette cut diamonds, baguette diamond rings, baguette diamond settings visit today and design your baguette jewelry piece.