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Is It OK To Wear Bracelets On Both Wrists?

By Ryan on Sep 20, 2021
Is It OK To Wear Bracelets On Both Wrists

When it comes to styling jewelry, there is a lot to consider. Should you take off your watch? Or is it ok to wear bracelets on both wrists?

It might seem like you’re overdoing it when you wear bracelets on both wrists. However, many people like wearing bracelets in this fashion, and they rock it.

It’s okay to wear bracelets on both wrists. When choosing your bracelets, consider your outfit and personal style. You can mix and match the bracelets, but ideally, you should wear bracelets of the same metal.

Though bracelets can make any look stand out, ensure not to overdo the look with extra accessories or bracelets that don’t complement each other.

This guide explores top tips to wear bracelets on both wrists and pull off a great look.

Read on.

1. Match them with your outfit

Match your bracelets with the outfit you are wearing for a striking look. You can wear bracelets that mimic the color or design of your outfit.

You don’t have to go for bracelets that are of the same color. But they should at least be in line with your outfit. If your outfit has some colors that stand out, go for equally funky bracelets.

The best way to rock bracelets is to make sure they can accentuate any look.

2. Match your style and occassion

The way you wear your bracelets will showcase your dressing sense and personality. Consider the kind of message you want to portray to the world when picking the style and number of bracelets to wear.

People who have an outgoing personality don’t mind wearing bracelets on their wrists. Some like wearing multiple bracelets, especially chains or metallic. Others like beaded and leather bracelets too.

You might be surprised when people see you as a hippie while you’re simply wearing your favorite bracelets. Looking like a hippie would not be a problem when you’re attending a weekend party, if anything, it makes you stand out.

But when you’re attending a formal party where you might connect with business associates, it’s best to be modest.

If you prefer a toned-down look, you might avoid excessive bracelets on both wrists. But it’s a personal preference issue.

If you like a minimalist look, you can stick to simple bracelets and wear them on both hands. But if you are going for a bold look, you can also opt for a funky bracelet and match it with a watch, on the other hand.

3. Don’t mix metals

Wear jewelry that is meant to complement each other. Gold, platinum, and sterling silver look beautiful, but they don’t always go together. If you are wearing metal jewelry, pick the bracelets of the same metal, even if the styles are different.

You might be tempted to wear your different metal bracelets on both hands. But all metals don’t complement each other, which can create a very hasty look.

Make sure your jewelry does not steal the show if you opt for a glamourous dress, especially at a party. While bracelets are a great way to accentuate the entire look, your dress and personality should also stand out.

4. Avoid extra accessories

Extra accessories can take away the attention from the bracelets you are already wearing. It can also make them look tacky and undesirable. Therefore, wear the bracelets on both of your wrists but make sure to be modest.

You should never overdo the jewelry you are wearing. Doing so can make you look like you’re trying too hard.

However, sometimes you might want to highlight a particular piece of jewelry, for instance, an engagement ring. At such times, you can draw attention by wearing only the engagement ring and not wearing the bracelets.

Or you can only wear a bracelet on your left wrist to draw attention towards your hand, which leads to the engagement ring.

You might also want to divert attention from your hands, for example, if you have a scar or mark on your wrist. In such cases, you can wear a large bracelet to cover the mark, and it won’t attract unnecessary attention to your hand.

You might as well wear a simple band on the wrist, so it does not call a lot of attention and adds to the overall look. You can then wear the same bracelet on the other hand as well to complete the look. It’s simple yet effective.

The takeaway is to ensure you are balancing the look according to your preference. Every look is different. So make sure you are wearing bracelets to complement that look without overdoing it.

5. Don’t shy away from mixing and matching

Bracelets come in various kinds of designs, sizes, and colors. Don’t shy away from wearing different types of bracelets. You can choose different colored bracelets with the same style. Or mix up dull colors with bright colors to make the brightly colored bracelet stand out.

Your bracelets can sometimes be the only thing enhancing your look. It is very easy to pick the same bracelets and wear them on both wrists. But if you want to pull off a unique look, you should mix and match your jewelry creatively.

Instead of making your look monotonous, go for different kinds of bracelets to create a stylish look. Go for a funky style if you feel like it. For best results, use slim bracelets.

But make sure that the bracelets complement each other and your look does not look disorientated. Wearing a complimentary bracelet is deemed to grab everyone’s attention.


There are unlimited ways to pull off a look while wearing a bracelet on one wrist or both wrists. However, it all depends on your style and what kind of look you are opting for.

You can always wear bracelets on both hands. When doing so, consider your style and what you like. Also, consider the outfit you are wearing to pick the bracelet that matches it.

Avoid wearing extra accessories that can take away the attention from your bracelets. Mix and match the jewelry but don’t go for different metals, as they don’t complement each other.

Another way to complement your look is to get a customized bracelet. Often, you will not find a piece of jewelry that goes with your dress or other bracelets. For such times, you need to get something customized.

At Jewelers Connect, you can get a customized bracelet made all according to your preferences. You can create a post describing what you want. If you have an image, simply post it and publish your request to recreate the bracelets.

Talented and prevetted jewelers from all across the country will then pitch on your order. The best thing is jewelers cannot see each other’s bidding prices, which means every jeweler will bid according to their understanding of the work.

You can then hire a jeweler that you like and get your customized bracelet made in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Is there a party coming up? Or are you tired of the bracelets you have worn hundreds of times already?

Connect with a jeweler right away and get a customized bracelet made for both of your wrists.