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How Do I Know My Girlfriend’s Wrist Size?

By Ryan on Sep 20, 2021
How Do I Know My Girlfriend's Wrist Size

If you’re buying a piece of wrist jewelry for your girlfriend as a surprise, you’ll need to determine her wrist size. Knowing her wrist size helps you purchase a bracelet that fits with confidence.

But determining your girlfriend’s wrist size isn’t always a straightforward procedure.

You can know your girlfriend’s wrist size by secretly measuring it or estimating the size. You can reference her other jewelry, experiment with a cheap bracelet, or ask her close friend or family. Alternatively, you can ask her.

The average wrist size for a slim woman is around 6”. But it does not apply to everyone. The average female wrist size differs. There isn’t always a standard, medium-sized bracelet you can rely upon.

This article will explain to you, step-by-step, how to determine your girlfriend’s wrist size. It will examine several ways of doing it discreetly.

Let’s get to it.

Reference her other bracelets

You can easily determine your girlfriend’s wrist size by examining other bracelets she already owns. The bracelet must be of a similar style to the one you intend on buying.

The first step is to find a similar bracelet. For example, if you plan on buying a charm bracelet, dig out a charm bracelet that she already owns.

Your girlfriend’s bracelet will give you the best chance at accurately gauging her size. It will also help if the bracelet is of a similar shape to the one you intend on buying.

Next, you should use a measuring tape to determine the bracelet’s complete length. The bracelet length means from the tip of one end to the other. Or from hook to clasp. Line it up straight against the ruler, and see what size it is in inches.

The size you determine will be the size of the bracelet you should ask for in the jewelers.

You should not note the circumference or diameter, as these can be inconsistent with jewelers’ measurements.

Measure the inside of her slip-on bracelet

If the bracelet is a slip-on, you can measure your partner’s wrist size by measuring the inside of the bracelet using a measuring tape.

Alternatively, you could grab a piece of paper and draw a circle around the slip-on. Take this trace into the jeweler, as it may provide sufficient information for determining wrist size.

Try on her bracelet

You may have a similar wrist size to your girlfriend, which would make determining her wrist size a whole lot easier. Try on a few of her bracelet pieces and see if they can sit comfortably on your wrist.

Don’t force anything on though. Her wrists may be too small for her jewelry to fit onto your wrist. Unless you feel sufficient slack when sliding it over your fingers, don’t try to force it on.

Buy a cheap bracelet first

Determine your girlfriend’s wrist size by purchasing a decoy bracelet first.

A sure-fire way of determining your girlfriend’s wrist size is to buy them a much cheaper bracelet or wrist accessory. This way, you can quickly get her exact measurements and know what size to get when purchasing the real thing.

After you’ve presented her with this decoy bracelet, watch if she strains at all when putting it on. Check up on her in a few days to ask about the comfort of the bracelet, and whether she likes her bracelets to be that size.

Using a decoy bracelet will not ruin the surprise of your later, more expensive gift. If anything, it may even make the second bracelet gift more surprising. Plus, it doubles up as an extra gift for your partner.

Ask her friends and family

Ask the people who are closest to your girlfriend if they know what her wrist size is. Chances are, they’ve bought her a piece of wrist jewelry in the past.

You should let her friends and family in on the secret that you are planning on buying her an expensive piece of wrist jewelry. They will be able to help you with size and provide opinions on style and color.

A mother or father may even have a written record of her sizes somewhere, which could be of huge value not just for this piece but also for future gifts you buy her further down the line.

They’ll either know exactly what her wrist size is or have a rough idea. However, you should make sure that the people you ask are trustworthy, as you don’t want your girlfriend to find out.

Secretly measure her wrist

You can find out your girlfriend’s wrist size by secretly measuring her wrist when she’s not suspecting it or asleep. It’s very easy to tie a string around your girlfriend’s wrist when she’s least expecting it.

Alternatively, use a measuring tape for better accuracy. This way, you can gain an accurate measurement without her knowing.

You need to be careful, though. You don’t want to be obvious or wake her up by mistake. Subtlety is key.

You could secretly measure in other ways, such as pretending to be interested in how her wrist size compares to yours. If you pretend to be genuinely curious, she may not suspect your real intentions.

Compare her wrist to other women

You could keep an eye on her wrist when she’s next to other women to get a sense of her wrist size. Compare the width with her peers and bracket her in a small, medium, or large category.

Start by getting a clear image in your head of your partner’s wrist size. Then view it in comparison with other women.

If you get in the habit of this, you may develop a solid image in your head of your other half’s wrist size and will be able to select the correct bracelet size.

Wrist thickness is obvious to spot, especially when comparing it to another wrist.

Ask her to tell you her wrist size!

Learn your girlfriend’s wrist size by asking her. This may be obvious, but it saves a lot of hassle. If she is not suspecting anything special, this doesn’t necessarily ruin the surprise. You could exceed her expectations on what she thinks you plan on gifting her.

Honesty is the best way forward in relationships, and asking her for measurements isn’t that big of a deal. You could start by talking about gifting her in general and then focus on wrist sizes last minute to keep an air of mystery.

Plus, revealing that you’re going to gift her with a bracelet could get her excited about what’s to come!

Average wrist size chart for determining your girlfriend’s wrist size and bracelet

You can determine your girlfriend’s wrist size by comparing her build and height with a standard wrist size chart. This may not be the most accurate means of determining wrist size, but it is a favored choice of some.

Use the table below to determine your partner’s average wrist size!


To find out your girlfriend’s wrist size, you could either be discreet or you could be obvious. To be subtle, you could use her other jewelry as a size guide, buy a cheap decoy, ask her family and friends, or secretly measure her wrist.

You could also use the wrist size guide provided in this article as a measure reference and as a means of estimating her wrist size.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the patience to be secretive, you could just come out and ask her what her wrist size is. Asking her would not totally ruin the surprise and could save you a lot of time and effort.

Once you have obtained your partner’s wrist size, you can order a bespoke bracelet from Jewelers Connect. After filling out a few details about the bracelet, the website will pair you up with jewelers who are willing to make your gift bracelet a reality.

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