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When Should You Buy An Engagement Ring?

By Ryan on Sep 07, 2021
Engagement Ring

When purchasing an engagement ring, there is a lot to consider. It doesn’t solely come down to getting the right style and size of the engagement ring. You also need to get the timing right.

You should buy an engagement ring two-three months before you propose. This will grant you sufficient time to prepare mentally and overcome any obstacles. It also provides you time to contemplate whether you have made the right purchase.

Engagement ring purchasing is not as simple as that, however. There are other variables you must consider. For example, what calendar month is the best for purchasing?

This article will go over an array of tips to help you buy an engagement ring at the right time.

It will also discuss general tips for buying an engagement ring, no matter what time of year or when you decide to make the purchase.

Let’s get started!

Purchase your engagement ring well in advance

You should buy an engagement ring well in advance. Aim to purchase 2-3 months before the planned proposal. Unforeseen hurdles may arise, such as a delay in production, which will impede your plans.

Last-minute engagement ring purchasing is not a good idea. As romantic as it sounds, buying the day before you plan on proposing will most likely not end well.

You may like an engagement ring as soon as you see it in-store. If it is the right size, you can have it ready within a few hours. However, it is improbable that the jewelers will have the right-sized ring ready.

Instead of risking it and purchasing the only size available, you will need to wait for alterations to be made so that the ring can fit.

Alterations, however minor, can sometimes take weeks to complete. The jeweler may have a full schedule, or the ring’s design may be intricate and demand extended alteration time.

A personalized engagement ring is also far more romantic than a last-minute purchase engagement ring. Personalization, too, can take weeks to create. Again, this can depend on how complex the personalization is. You can make a personalized ring on Jeweler’s Connect without ever leaving your home.

Purchasing the ring far in advance allows you to cut down on stress and plan better.

Give yourself time to review the ring

Don’t buy an engagement ring last minute, as your appreciation for it may only be a passing thing. The excitement of purchasing an engagement ring may alter your taste, and you can end up buying the wrong ring.

If you buy an engagement ring in a rush, you are not providing yourself with adequate time to review the quality of the ring. How the ring looks when purchasing it may be drastically different from how it will look next week.

Therefore, it is recommendable to purchase the ring months in advance. In these months, aim to review the ring regularly and see if it has the same glow as the first time you saw it.

You may go off the design entirely and deem it an unworthy ring for your proposal. Luckily, by doing this in advance, you will have time to change it or pay a jeweler to alter it.

Buy the engagement ring when the relationship is going good

Buy an engagement ring when your relationship is ready for it. Don’t buy an engagement ring when your relationship is on the rocks. Engagement rings cost a lot of money, are symbolic of the future, and should not be seen as a ‘sorry’ gift.

Engagement rings cannot be used to patch up a relationship. If communication with your partner is low, don’t think an engagement ring will relight the spark that brought you together.

Engagement rings should only be bought when the prospect of getting married does not frighten you. Purchasing an engagement ring implies that you’re willing to see the entire wedding through.

Buying an engagement ring when the relationship is in trouble will only waste your time and the jewelers. If you made any alterations to the ring, you might struggle to get the extra costs back when returning the ring.

Purchase the ring after having the big talk

You should buy an engagement ring when you both are on the same page about the future. Talk about career goals, families, and other important things.

Engagement rings represent a commitment. They should only be bought when both you and your partner are confident in your future together.

Even if the relationship is going well, confidence in your future together is key. Having the talk about the future after the engagement may reveal that you don’t want to commit to marriage, jeopardizing the whole engagement.

Get the ring when your partner hints at an engagement

Buy an engagement ring when you’re confident your partner wants to get engaged. If she’s constantly alluding to engagements, engagement rings, and marriages, it’s likely because she is ready for it.

You want to buy an engagement ring with confidence in its success. Engagement rings can cause a lot of stress, so it’s best to avoid purchasing until you are confident that she will say yes.

Focus on her conversations for clues. Take a mental note of any mention of marriages, engagements, or even just the future in general. This can provide you with the impetus to buy in confidence.

She may be trying to hint as much as possible as she doesn’t want to come out and admit it openly. It is your job to pick up the hints. She may still want the engagement to be a surprise, so she will only hint towards it.

Order the ring when she says she wants to get engaged!

Buy an engagement ring when she is honest with you and admits that she is ready for marriage. Some modern couples opt for purchasing the engagement ring in unison.

Buying an engagement ring together removes the awkwardness around keeping the engagement a secret and allows your partner to pick the right ring for her.

This also ensures that the correct size is bought, as your partner can try on the ring.

When she says she’s ready, only you could hold yourself back.

Buy an engagement ring when you’re financially stable

Buy an engagement ring when you have sufficient savings to cover its initial price and alterations. Engagement rings can set you back financially and may require a few months of saving up.

Traditionally, engagement rings are meant to cost 2 months’ salary worth. This may not always be the case, especially in the modern world. Today, Americans averagely spend anywhere between $1,000 and $4,000 on engagement rings.

If going for a personalized ring, you can expect the engagement ring to be on the higher end of the scale. For this, you will need to set aside savings to cover it.

A top tip would be to set up a separate bank account to put the savings into. You don’t want your better half to notice the large sum of money missing from your standard account. You also don’t want the price to show up on your regular bank statement.

Get the ring in January for post-Christmas discounts

Buy an engagement ring in January to take advantage of post-Christmas sales. It is possible to get engagement rings for 50% less than the regular price. Jewelers may offer discounted rings. Buying in January also helps you beat Valentine’s Day rush.

January is ideal for buying an engagement ring as jewelers can afford to knock the price on a few of their products, having made enough money over the festive period. This ensures them a wider profit margin.

Don’t expect this to occur at every shop, however, as some of the top jewelers will not offer any kind of January sale.

Try going at the start of January (or even late December), as this is when the jewelers will likely be the quietest. You can also get quicker returns on alterations and personalizations.

Buying in January also means that you can avoid the pre-14th February price hike. Jewelers are likely to put the price back up to profit off Valentine’s Day rush.

Plus, buying an engagement ring in January means you can potentially propose on Valentine’s Day itself. Although an obvious choice, April 14th is still as good a day as any to ask the question.

Purchase in February after Valentine’s rush

Buy an engagement ring in February after the 14th. February is one of the busiest months for jewelers. If buying an engagement ring in February, avoid Valentine’s Day rush.

It may be possible to pick up a reduced-price engagement ring in February if the jewelers could not sell out all of their Valentine’s stock.

Buying in February may allow you to have the first look at the Spring collection. This new collection may contain attractive rings that will go out of stock.

Generally, late February early spring is quiet for jewelers. This way, you’ll be able to select an engagement ring in peace and gain the jeweler’s full attention.

Buy the ring in the spring for a summer proposal

You should buy an engagement ring in spring if you want to propose in the summer. Summer is a romantic time for proposals, with plenty of sunny days to select for a romantic proposal.

If you plan to propose abroad during the vacation season, buy an engagement ring in March or April to ensure that your ring is ready for your vacation start date. This gives you plenty of time to plan and make adjustments.

Summer is ideal for a proposal as you have an endless list of warm and pleasant days to pop the question.  According to Statista, 10% of annual engagements occur in the summer months. A proposal by the beach is always a safe option.

You will have the springtime collections to choose from in each jeweler buy purchasing in March/April. Jewelers may offer some springtime discounts; however, this is less likely than in January.

Order your ring in the summer for an Autumn proposal

Buy an engagement ring in the summer to propose in late summer or early Autumn. Autumn walks make a perfect proposal setting, and a summertime purchase allows you to plan for this.

Late summer also has enough sunshine and warm weather to provide the optimum setting for the big question.

You will also find summer to be particularly quiet in jewelers. Most people will either be on holiday already or out enjoying the sunshine. For this reason, you may find the buying process easier. You can take your time when buying an engagement ring in the summer.

Purchase the ring in Autumn for a Christmas proposal

Buy an engagement ring in Autumn to prepare for Christmas, the most romantic time of the year! According to Statista, December is the most popular month of the year for engagement, at 19%. In autumn, you can also take advantage of Black Friday Sales.

This may mean that jewelers will be extra busy throughout the autumn season. However, it also may suggest big discounts in certain stores and a more comprehensive range of engagement rings on display.

Many jewelers will likely discount certain products on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These days are designed for consumers to stock up on Christmas gifts. Black Friday would also be an ideal opportunity to secure a discounted engagement ring.

During Black Friday, you will most likely see the top jewelers discounting their most premium products.

Christmas is the perfect time for an engagement as you’re spending plenty of time with your better half. It’s befitting as it’s a time for family and also toasting to the future. There are great Christmas locations that you can choose to pop the question at, too.

It makes sense to be spending a lot of money on an engagement ring in the lead-up to Christmas, too, as you normally would be spending a lot on gifts anyway.

Prepare for the perfect Christmas engagement by buying in Autumn.

Other tips that you should know before buying an engagement ring

Don’t purchase an engagement ring until you have a clear idea of what type to get.

When you decide to buy your engagement ring, there are several other things you should take on board before making the purchase.

Measure her ring size beforehand

You should avoid buying an engagement ring until you find out her ring size. This is the most crucial part of buying an engagement ring in private. Measure her ring size by using a tape measure or by examining a ring she already owns.

Have a ring style in mind

Before going to the jewelers to purchase the engagement ring, determine what ring style would best suit her. You could do this by examining her complexion and find out what kind of ring and diamond suit it best.

You could also look at her other jewelry collection and establish a common style. You could then go and find a ring that matches this style. It will help the ring blend with her other jewelry and make it look attractive when you present it to her.

Find out the guarantee period of the ring

Before purchasing the ring, make sure it has a reasonable guarantee period. There’s no point buying a ring so long in advance if you can’t fix any problems with it further down the line.

Ask her friends and family

Don’t buy an engagement ring until you have first consulted her friends and family. Although not a must, it’s good to get a second opinion from those who know her well.

Friends and family know many secrets, and their input can be very valuable in the ring buying process. She may have expressed to them a particular style of ring or even a time of year that she wishes to get engaged. You will never know until you ask.

Inspect her Pinterest

Don’t purchase an engagement ring until you’ve checked her Pinterest. Consult her Pinterest page for style information. If she’s been interested in marriage for a while, she will likely have a wedding board on her Pinterest.

She may have pined various wedding pictures to her boards, including the likes of engagement and wedding rings. This will be massively valuable when you go to purchase the engagement ring.


You should buy an engagement ring when the timing is best for you. Timing the engagement ring purchase depends on what time of year you want to propose. Purchase the ring 3-4 months before you’re planned engagement date.

Purchasing in advance curbs stress. It also gives you time to review the ring, wait for any altercations to be made, and any personalizations to be completed.

Jewelers Connect allows you to review and create a personalized engagement ring at your own pace.

This platform takes your ring requirements, such as the ring size and diamond type, and places them in front of the most skilled and trusted jewelers.

Up to 5 jewelers will offer to create your ring at different prices. From this point, you can select whichever jeweler best suits your taste and budget.