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Does Your Ring Size Change When You Lose Weight?

By Ryan on Sep 07, 2021
Does Your Ring Size Change When You Lose Weight

A weight-loss journey can be the most transformational part of your life. From dieting to running those extra miles, you must be putting in a lot of effort to lose weight.

At the same time, your body must be going through numerous changes, such as changing the size of your ring finger.

Your ring size can reduce when you lose weight since your fingers’ base also store fat. Your body’s fat distribution determines how much weight you need to lose to go down a ring size. It also comes down to your exercise and diet routine.

When your finger size changes, you can resize your ring to fit the new size. You can take it to the jeweler and get its size reduced using a plier. The jeweler can also insert spring beads to reduce the size of the ring up to two sizes. Additionally, a sizing bar or spring insert can be incorporated with the ring to resize it. 

If you are wondering if your ring size is changing or has changed while losing weight, this guide is for you. We will answer all your pressing questions.

Read on.

How does weight loss affect your ring size?

Your ring size can change while losing weight. There is fat lying under the fingers.

The fat cells in your fingers might shrink in size when following an exercise regime or diet.

However, there is no specific exercise to lose fat from a particular area. How much finger weight you will lose cannot be generalized since people have different fat distribution and genetic makeup.

When losing weight, you might not think about the fat under your fingers. Our focus is usually on the bulkier parts of the body. However, your fingers can definitely reduce in size when you exercise.

There is no particular exercise to lose weight off your fingers. According to research by the American Council on Exercise, the concept of spot reduction is a myth.

Exercises that focus on particular body parts are not helpful because you need to engage your entire body in the exercise. Plus, spot reduction does not work because it targets very small and insignificant muscles when it comes to overall fitness.

Losing weight in your fingers might seem like an odd concept. But our bodies work in mysterious manners.

Our fingers consist of fat pads, just like the knee or heel, which serve as a cushion. The fatty tissue deposits in the fingers protect the ligaments and bones in the fingers. This has been validated by various researchers as well.

The fat under the fingers is usually for protection, and they don’t receive as much blood flow as the fat in other parts of our bodies. However, the more fat one loses the more chances to reduce weight and ultimately the ring size.

Accordingly, your lifestyle should be such that you burn more energy than what you take through the diet. As per various researches, fat loss occurs when there is a negative energy balance. This means that you lose more calories than you eat every day and cumulatively.

How much weight do you have to lose to get down a ring size?

The amount of weight you need to lose varies from person to person based on weight distribution around the body and genetics.

However, the ring size chart below can give you a good idea of how weight is related to the ring size:



Resizing your ring after weight loss

If your ring size has changed after losing weight, you can get it resized with the help of a spring insert, sizing beads, sizing bars, or a plier.

But before resizing your ring, you should determine if the weight loss is temporary. If you intend to lose weight or gain more weight, then you should wait before resizing.

If your ring’s design is too complicated to get resized, you can repurpose it into a necklace or take it back to the jeweler for another ring. You can also wear it on the thumb if it fits.

If you want to go ahead with the resizing, here are some ways to do so.

1. Sizing beads

Add two small metal balls to the inside part of your ring. The beads fill the gap between your finger and the beads, making it easier to wear them. In this way, you don’t have to make any changes to the ring manually.

This method is beneficial if you have swollen or large knuckles. You can go up to 3 sizes down with this method.

However, for some people, sizing beads are a bit uncomfortable.

2. Spring Insert

Spring inserts come in the shape of a horseshoe. A spring insert is a strip of metal that is placed in the interior lining of the ring. It springs open a little bit to let the ring pass through the knuckles and then springs back into a fitting position at the finger’s base.

Using a spring insert can be more comfortable than a spring ball. However, the process is a bit complicated.

3. Sizing bar

You can get a u-shaped bar soldered at your ring’s bottom using a hinge and a latch. When wearing the ring, you will have to open the latch and then shut it to hold the ring in place.

This method can be quite comfortable and also resize the ring to smaller sizes.

4. A Plier

The jeweler will mark the center of your ring, cut along the marks using a wire cutter or plier, file the edges to make the ring smaller, and then close the gaps by applying pressure.

This is a complicated process as it can cause damage to the ring. Therefore, it is not recommended if your ring is particularly precious and delicate.


Congratulations on your weight loss journey! But you might have noticed that as you have lost weight, your ring size has also changed.

Fingers also consist of fat cells that shrink in size while losing weight. There is no fixed amount of weight that you can lose through a particular exercise or diet. This is because everyone has a different genetic composition and weight distribution throughout the body.

Instead of throwing your rings away because your size has changed, you should get them resized. You can contact a jeweler to get it resized using a plier, spring insert, sizing bar, or spring beads.

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