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Should A Woman Pick Her Engagement Ring?

By Ryan on Sep 02, 2021
Should A Woman Pick Her Engagement Ring?

In past times, it was up to a man to select a ring that best suits his woman, plan out a surprising engagement, and romantically propose to her. The lady only gets to find out about her engagement ring at the proposal.

However, things have changed in recent years. The idea of women choosing their engagement rings has become more popular.

If you are a woman and you’re wondering if you could choose your engagement ring, you definitely should! If you are also a man and wondering if you should involve your woman in selecting the perfect engagement ring, you should go ahead!

The reasons why a woman should be allowed to choose her engagement ring are: to match her preference, to relieve her man of the pressure of selecting an engagement ring, to feel respected and empowered, to make a decision as partners, to get a fantastic bonding experience, and to let go of traditional norms and be outstanding.

As a woman, one of your most precious possessions will always be your engagement ring. Every time you stare at it, it reminds you of the day the love of your life asked you to marry him forever. Hence, your engagement ring has to be perfect and just for you.

The engagement ring selected has to be outstanding and last for a lifetime.

So, for example, if you are buying a diamond ring, you have to be sure it meets 4Cs criteria for color, clarity, cut, and carat.

This article sheds light on why a woman should pick her engagement ring.

Keep reading to understand all the reasons.

1. To match her preference

A woman might wear the ring for the rest of her life. Her engagement ring has to be the one that matches her perfect taste. Every woman wants a ring that she can also use for aesthetic reasons and not romantic reasons alone. She’s the best person to determine what looks good on her.

In addition, men are not exactly the best at selecting engagement rings. Women are better at it because they are more accustomed to jewelry.

For instance, when choosing a diamond ring, a minor detail such as how high the stone should be set may escape the notice of men when making a selection.

As a man, when you do not trust your ability to get the perfect engagement ring, or you do not have a clear idea of what your partner likes, it is best to let her help you choose her engagement ring.

This way, the ring style, color, and setting are in alignment with her taste. Also, she gets the perfect ring size, and there would be no reason to be bothered about resizing the ring after the proposal.

2. To relieve the man from the pressure of selecting a ring

You can help your man pick the ring of your choice and leave the rest to him. When you do this, the whole experience is less stressful for him because he knows exactly what you love. So, you get the ring of your choice, and your man is less stressed from the whole process.

Picking and purchasing an engagement ring is a pretty big expense. Your man won’t want to spend so much on purchasing an engagement ring you do not fancy. Hence, there is pressure on him to want to pick the right option, especially when he doesn’t know so much about jewelry.

Some women also love to select their engagement ring because helping out shows love. They know it takes a toll on their man to choose the perfect ring, so they help out in their way.

They simply select a ring and leave their man to go through the rest of the whole process. They feel helping their partner make even the littlest decision is a romantic way of showing love.

3. To feel respected and empowered

Some women get excited at the idea of having a say in the type of engagement ring they wear. This way, they feel more empowered when they select their exact preferences instead of the traditional idea of accepting what their male partner selects.

Even the idea of telling people they selected the ring they wear gives them thrills.

As a man, you can decide to go against the traditional norm and allow your partner to play an active role in selecting her ring. By doing this, she feels respected, and she will see that her opinion matters to you.

 4. To cultivate the habit of making big decisions together as partners

The idea of ‘modern-day woman’ appeals to some women. They love feeling equal to their male counterparts; thus, they love the concept of making big decisions together in the relationship.

An engagement ring is a big decision. Making a decision on a ring-type where the woman selects the ring and the man pays for it shows unity.

This is an assurance of partnership in future decision-making. And of course, as a couple, you are getting engaged and eventually getting married, which is all about compromises, joint decision making, and partnership.

5. To have a bonding experience

In the process of choosing the perfect engagement ring, you get to bond with your partner more. You get to learn more about each others’ preferences.

As a man, you get to know the type of jewelry your woman prefers for future purposes. You also know the style, color, and setting that suits her the most.

A woman also gets to learn more about her man; she gets to know if he is a minimalist or not. Thus discussing one others’ preferences brings you closer to each other.

6. To let go of traditional norms and be outstanding

When you are getting married to your best friend, you will want to try crazy stuff together as a couple.

Together, you can choose to go out of your way to ensure your union doesn’t follow the traditional norm.  You may both decide not to follow the conventional pattern and do something spectacular when selecting your wedding jewelry. One of these is letting the woman pick her engagement ring.

This way, you both stand out as unique. There is nothing wrong with doing what you both feel is right.


There is no big deal in a woman choosing her engagement ring. It is dependent on each couple whether a woman can pick her engagement ring or not.

All that matters is how you both want to remember the special memories in your lives, including the proposal.

Society has no say on whether a woman should pick out her ring or not. It is entirely a personal decision the couple has to make.

A woman can choose her engagement ring to match her preferences, feel respected, stand out as a unique couple, have a fantastic bonding experience, and make big decisions as partners.

The traditional era is over, and this is the modern world. Women can now select their dream rings. However, the act of a woman picking her engagement ring doesn’t take away anything special from the marriage after the proposal.

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