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How Do I Find My Girlfriend’s Ring Size?

By Ryan on Aug 31, 2021
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Is it officially the time to buy the engagement ring? Congratulations!

You have found the love of your life, so you shouldn’t wait to make that hearty proposal!

But while planning the proposal itself has many challenges, it’s even more difficult to find your girlfriend’s ring size without her knowing.

The average ring size of a woman is 6. If your partner is petite, she will have slender fingers, so even a ring of size 4 will fit her. However, guesswork isn’t enough.

Here are some ways to find out her ring size accurately:

  • Borrow one of her rings and measure its size
  • Ask her family or friends about her ring size
  • Get someone else to ask your girlfriend directly about her ring size
  • Take her shopping and have her try on some rings
  • Get her a resizable ring as your last resort

Asking your partner isn’t an option when you are planning a proposal. Instead, there are many other ways to find her ring size and then surprise her with a memorable gift.

Want to know how exactly you can do this?

This article shows you four different ways to find out your girlfriend’s ring size without asking her. We also debunk two myths about ring sizes and show you what to do if you bought a bigger-sized ring.

Stick with us and read on!

1. Borrow one of her rings from the jewelry boxes

One of the easiest ways to know your girlfriend’s ring size is to borrow her ring, take it to a local jeweler, and get it measured. Or take a ruler and measure the ring from one edge to the other. Measure the diameter in millimeters, and then use the following chart to convert your measurements into ring size.

Make sure you borrow her ring when she’s not around or sleeping. You have to be very stealthy.

Find an opportunity when you have ample time on your hand, so you can easily measure the ring or take it to the jeweler without her noticing.

It is also imperative to know which finger she wears the ring since every finger has a varying ring size.

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hand, you can also get a ring sizer online and find out her ring size easily.

If your partner knows that you are going to propose to them soon, then you can slide in the ring sizer in one of their fingers and talk about how you are preparing for the future “just in case.” It can be a fascinating and memorable moment.

Or, if your partner is a heavy sleeper, you can use the ring slider when they are sleeping and measure the ring size. Just be careful, so your girlfriend doesn’t wake up.

But if you don’t want your partner to know about your plans and your girlfriend is not a heavy sleeper, you cannot rely on a ring sizer.

In such cases, borrowing her ring and then measuring it is your best bet.

2. Get help from her family and friends

Ask your girlfriend’s family and friends to help you find her ring size. It is possible that they already know her ring size. But if you don’t want many people to know about the proposal, make sure the people you involve in your plan are trustworthy.

Her friends and family members might have purchased a ring for her previously, perhaps on her birthday. Accordingly, they can be a great source of information.

However, you need to ensure that you can trust them with your secret. Chances are they might leak your surprise proposal to your girlfriend and ruin the surprise.

So make sure the people you are trusting with the information are 100% reliable.

3. Get someone else to ask her ring size

If there’s someone you can trust with the secret, then share with them that you are planning a proposal and need their help. Ask the person to strike up a random conversation with your girlfriend and sneak a question about her ring size.

Your girlfriend’s friend asking her ring size is way less obvious than you inquiring about it. She would not suspect that there are any other intentions behind the question.

This method also works if your family members or friends are unsure of your girlfriend’s ring size.

Her ring size might have changed, or they never had a conversation about it.

There are tons of ways to get around this.

For instance, if she has a friend who recently got engaged, she can ask for her ring size and let her try on her ring.

Her friends can take her shopping and ask her to try rings in a store. They can then note the size she is picking and communicate the information to you.

The success of this method depends upon accurately your accomplice’s works.

Simply knowing that she has a small finger is not enough.

Your accomplice should try getting an accurate answer so that you can buy the perfect ring for your bride-to-be.

4. Take her shopping

Go out shopping with her one day and take her to a jewelry store. Identify what size she picks and note it down. Make sure you also see which finger she is wearing the ring in, as the size of the ring differs for every finger.

Perhaps, you have to choose a ring for your sister or mother. You can ask her to help you and try the rings herself.

If you are in a street market where rings are often displayed outside, you can pick a ring and hand it over to her.

If the ring doesn’t fit her, she will pick another one. This will give you a good idea of what fits her and what doesn’t.

5. Size down with a ring enhancer

A ring enhancer is a piece of specialized jewelry that can enhance the appearance and size of a larger ring. They fit easily together with solitaire or other types of engagement rings. Accordingly, your girlfriend will be able to pop it inside a ring until it is resized and show it off.

Since ring enhancers allow the wearer to resize the ring down, it is important to get a bigger ring instead of a smaller size.

You will require a little bit of guesswork, so you can randomly compare your fingers with your girlfriend’s and estimate how smaller they are.

However, you need to remember that some rings are very difficult to resize, such as pave bands, tension settings, and those with side stones.

Metals like tungsten and titanium cannot be resized at all.

Therefore, make sure you know the kind of ring you will be getting your girlfriend before opting for a ring enhancer.

Can you tell ring size by shoe size?

You cannot calculate ring size using your girlfriend’s shoe size since there is no connection between the two.

However, you can make up a formula that you found online. And pretend to test it out.

Casually ask her shoe size. Then, divide it by 2 and add 1.5 in it to calculate the ring size.

Once you tell her proudly that you have calculated her ring size accurately, she will hopefully laugh at how wrong the formula is and tell you the actual ring size.

This is a very sneaky but fun way to get your girlfriend to tell you her ring size.

Can you tell ring size by height and weight?

There is no connection between ring size and finger. Being tall does not mean that you will have larger fingers. However, ring size varies with weight gain and loss.

Although this isn’t true for everyone, the following chart can be used as a guideline:

This is a very sneaky but fun way to get your girlfriend to tell you her ring size.


Engagement is one of the most surreal and memorable times in anyone’s life. And if you are all set to propose the love of your life, you need to ensure everything is planned perfectly.

A beautiful and perfect-sized ring can make your proposal ten times better.

If you want to measure your girlfriend’s ring size without letting her know about the proposal, you can measure one of her rings, ask her friends or family, get someone else to ask her ring size, or pretend to shop for rings with her. If nothing works, get a resizable ring.

Another challenging part is selecting the kind of ring you want.

Sometimes, it’s super tricky to find that perfect ring your girlfriend will love regardless of how many stores you have searched. So how about making a custom ring?

At Jewelers Connect, you can create projects for custom engagement rings. Jewelers and craftsmen from all across the world can then bid on your project and quote their prices.

You can describe what kind of ring you want, match your requirements with the jeweler’s expertise, and choose a bid depending upon your budget.

Bidders cannot see each other’s bids, and Jewelers Connect takes extra precautions to ensure every jeweler is trustworthy and skillful.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to propose to her? Then, measure her ring size and connect with a jeweler today.