What Should You Not Do When Buying An Engagement Ring?

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What Should You Not Do When Buying An Engagement Ring?

By Ryan on Aug 30, 2021
Engagement Ring

When the time finally comes to pop the big question, most men are clueless about picking the right engagement ring and what to look out for in one.

You have come to the right place if you are considering the perfect engagement ring and found yourself in a similar clueless situation.

Some things you should not do when buying an engagement ring are not setting up a budget, not conducting enough research, or simply not knowing the right size for the ring. These mistakes usually stem from a lack of knowledge about engagement rings.

It is vital to understand these common mistakes to better understand the process behind choosing the right engagement ring.

This article explores three things you should not do when buying an engagement ring and what you can do to avoid these mistakes.

Let’s get started!

1. Not setting up a clear budget for the engagement ring

Failing to budget increases the risk of an uninformed decision, purchasing a ring above its actual price, or spending much more than one would like by falling for the salesman’s charm.

Many men buying engagement rings often don’t consider the budget as a factor before actually going to the store, only to find themselves not prepared for the situation, which may put them at a significant disadvantage.

Of course, the price of engagement rings can vary greatly depending on the quality and material of the ring.

That’s why you should always set up a clear budget so that you know exactly what you are willing to pay for the engagement ring.

How to set up a budget for your engagement ring?

When setting up your budget, first consider how much money you have available to spend on the engagement ring. Then consider how much money you are willing to pay for the ring.

To determine how much money you would like to spend on the ring, consider its value and what the ring means to you or your significant other. Then you can shop more easily with this idea in mind.

It can be easy or difficult to set up your engagement ring budget depending on what both you and your partner want.

It might be difficult because people have different expectations about what the ring should be made of, the color, and the stone’s size.

It’s best to find out what your fiancee loves.

2. Taking research too lightly or forgetting about it altogether

If you fail to research properly before buying an engagement ring, you may buy a ring that does not match your expectations in terms of quality, especially if you fall prey to great marketing. 

Whatever product you are after, it is essential to do your research before committing to the product.

An engagement ring is no exception; it’s instead the opposite. It is hopefully going to be worn for the rest of your loved one’s life.

It’s better to research thoroughly prior to the purchase rather than deal with all the unnecessary problems later.

How to know which engagement ring to buy?

When buying a diamond engagement ring, consider the 4Cs – Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight. These four parameters can tell you a lot about the quality of the diamond that the ring holds.

The cut parameter is all about how the diamond is cut and how much light it can reflect, due to how the optics work in the jewel and the light refraction.

The better cut, the higher the quality and price of the jewel. The Round Brilliant, Marquise, and Pear-shaped cuts are some popular diamond cuts.

Then there is the diamond’s clarity. It tells you how clear the diamond is.

The clearer the jewel the higher the quality and price. The highest quality jewels in terms of quality are called flawless, and it has no clarity imperfections.

Another parameter to consider is color. When it comes to white diamonds, the gradings range from D to Z, while D represents the closest to white and Z the furthest.

And last but certainly not least is the Carat weight. It essentially means the size or weight of the diamond – one carat translates to 0.2 grams and is roughly the weight of one paperclip.

The higher the carat weight, the bigger the diamond, and the bigger the diamond, the higher the price.

While it may be quite apparent that one needs to do some research before buying any product, let alone an engagement ring, it is the things to look out for in the research that might be puzzling.

3. Not knowing the right size for the ring

Buying an average size ring may not fit your fiancee. The wrong size ring shows how inconsiderate and unthoughtful you are. And it is no wonder that this is a mistake; not only is it awkward.

Can you imagine the awkward moment when you propose, and the engagement ring does not fit?

With that being said, you surely want to avoid making this mistake. Especially when it is tied to such an important event as a marriage proposal certainly is.

How to find out the right size for the ring?

One way to find out her ring size is to ask someone that might know. The chances are that you know some of her close friends and family members. They might know the ring size or simply have a way of finding it out in a more sneaky way.

Alternatively, you can borrow one of her rings and measure it yourself with a measuring tape or ring size chart. Or take it to your jeweler to find a matching ring. This is a good option seems if you want to keep it a secret.

Whatever option you choose, make sure you think it through as you can’t take back telling her family and friends.

If she catches you stealing her ring, you will have to explain yourself, and maybe spill the secret in the process.


Not knowing the right ring size, not conducting enough research about the quality of the rings, and not knowing what price you are willing to pay are things you should not do when buying an engagement ring.

These mistakes can be avoided by simply preparing for the occasion and considering the possible obstacles which may lie in the way.

Most of the mistakes men make when buying an engagement ring are usually caused by a lack of knowledge or insufficient research.

Once you are thoroughly prepared and decided about buying an engagement ring, you are ready to invest in your fiancee’s happiness and buy an engagement ring.

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