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Why Are There 3 Rings In A Wedding Set?

By Ryan on Aug 25, 2021
3 Rings In A Wedding Set

The trio wedding ring set is a symbol of past, present, and future. It represents the married couple’s unbroken circle of love that has no end in sight. The three rings are also a nod to the couple’s commitment to one another and their relationship with God.

The idea of a trio wedding ring set might seem strange to some people. However, the meaning behind it is quite interesting.

The three rings represent the marriage relationship that two people are about to embark on. It also represents the different stages in a romantic relationship: engagement, marriage, and eternity.

A 3 ring set is a popular choice for people who are getting married. There are many different variations of this type of wedding band, but the most common version includes three rings.

However, the meaning behind trio wedding rings goes deeper than what meets the eye. In fact, it’s an ancient idea!

It holds different meanings depending on the culture of the couple.

In Western countries, a trio wedding set signifies commitment and love for one another.

But in Hinduism, there are 3 levels of marriage: Brahma is the creator of all things, Vishnu sustains all life, and Shiva destroys to make room for new beginnings.

The three rings symbolize this cycle- Brahma (past), Vishnu (present), and Shiva (future).

These three rings are typically made of gold or platinum but can be other precious metals as well.

Keep reading to understand why a 3 ring wedding set might be excellent or challenging for you.

We also mention important considerations when buying a trio wedding set.

Let’s get started!

Pros of purchasing a three-ring wedding ring set

The trio wedding ring set signifies the married couple’s unbreakable circle of love that has no end in sight. But most people buy the trio wedding set to get matching ring designs, save time and money, or simply to get a new type of engagement ring.

The three rings are a symbol of eternal love and commitment to one another. It also represents their relationship with God.

This might be why it is an attractive idea for people who may not follow any particular cultural tradition.

Let’s look at the reasons why today’s couples love the three-ring wedding ring set.

1. Beautifully matching designs

The best thing about a three-ring wedding ring set is that you can find matching designs for all of the rings.

This way, they go together very nicely! You won’t worry about buying two different sets and finding an artist who will combine them into one cohesive design.

Moreover, you can choose the design of your choice, or you can have the trio-ring set custom-made on Jewelers Connect.

Most importantly,  you get to have a perfect match. These rings are beautifully designed to go together with the wedding dress.

2. A new type of engagement ring

Trio rings are perfect for showing engagement if you are not married. The set is perfect for couples who want to create an unbreakable bond with one another and start a new phase in their lives.

Gone are the days of emphasizing large proposals.

Today, many couples know that they are together, even if it is unofficially. They are living together, raising children, and taking care of each other. This type of engagement requires something extraordinary. And this is where a trio-wedding ring set proves to be the best.

Many people who are getting married today or want to show commitment in their relationship want something that looks modern and chic.

You can customize the three-ring set in many different ways, but it’s always considered elegant.

It may not have the same traditional meaning as a diamond or ruby engagement ring, but it might be all you need.

3. Financial savings

The best thing about a trio-wedding ring set is that it’s less expensive than buying three different types of rings. Many couples choose not to spend a lot on just one ring, so they opt for a three-ring set.

Engagement rings can set you back by thousands of dollars, but the three-ring sets are much more affordable.

Many couples choose to purchase this type because they cannot afford anything else or prefer something different from what has been traditionally done.

These sets are typically about $1000.

If you want to have something more personalized, it might cost a little bit more than this!

The three-ring wedding ring set is perfect if you’re on a budget. It still conveys

4. Shopping convenience

Another great thing about a three-ring wedding ring set is that you can purchase all rings at once. It’s perfect if you are unsure about what type of metal to use on your rings.

There are many different metal options for each ring in the trio; gold or platinum work well for the engagement ring, white gold for the wedding band, and silver or platinum for the eternity rings.

You can purchase all three types in whichever color suits your taste best without having to shop around for multiple rings at different stores.

5. Comfort

A significant advantage of the three-ring set is that it’s more comfortable to wear. The rings are made to go together, making them feel like they are a part of you already!

It may not be the traditional style (although many people still like options), but for someone who prefers something different or modern, this type of set is perfect.

The trio-wedding ring set symbolizes unity through the three rings; it’s something that cannot be broken by anything in this world, and one can wear them proudly to show off their promise of commitment with another person!

Disadvantages of purchasing a three-ring wedding ring set

The biggest downside is that a 3 ring set is not the traditional way of showing engagement. If you are looking for something more meaningful, this option may not seem special to some.

Additionally, trio rings cannot be used in the future if you want to wear jewelry with rings on top and bottom fingers. Even though they’re comfortable, they may not be the best option for everyone.

1. Less flashy than other wedding rings

One major drawback of the three-ring set is that it’s not as flashy as your traditional wedding rings.

Trio rings might be difficult to see from afar or if someone only sees your hand in passing.

2. Trio rings are not ideal for large stones

If you are looking for something with a large stone, the trio-wedding ring set is not ideal.

The rings simply do not have enough room to accommodate larger stones and will be forced into a small space which can cause damage or discomfort when wearing them on your finger.

3. If you separate them, trio rings lose their meaning

If you get a three-ring set, it must be worn together as one. They are designed to go with each other, so the rings should not be switched out or separated.

If you choose to separate them, they lose their visual appeal, significance, and meaning.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing a trio ring set

Have these three things in mind when you are buying a three-ring wedding ring set.

1. The type of precious metal

The first thing to consider is which precious metal you will be using on each ring. If one of the rings ends up not fitting, it may be difficult or expensive to resize it for another type of material.

You should also consider how much wear and tear your partner’s hands go through every day.

If they’re rough from work, choosing a more sturdy metal like white gold or platinum may be best.

2. Your’s and your partner’s finger size

You will also consider the size of your partner’s fingers. While most rings are adjustable, you don’t want something too loose on the finger. It will fall off easily.

3. Budget

The most important consideration is your budget. You can choose between a trio ring set with one expensive diamond or three smaller stones that are cheaper but still symbolic and meaningful.

This decision could be based on the type of person you are, what each partner likes, or the money you have saved for your wedding.


A trio-wedding ring set is a perfect option for any couple that wants to show their commitment and unity in one of the most traditional ways.

The three rings are a symbol of the past, present, and future. It also represents the different stages in a romantic relationship: engagement, marriage, and eternity.

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