Stunning And Unique Alternatives To Non-Diamond Rings

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Stunning And Unique Alternatives To Non-Diamond Rings

By Ryan on Aug 22, 2021
Stunning And Unique rings

Congrats, you have found the woman of your dreams and you are finally ready to make it official by getting down one knee and showing her your love. It doesn’t end here, what about finding the right kind of engagement ring that you’ll proffer at that moment? The choice looks kinda obvious- The bigger the better plus a little blingier too.

Well, no, we are here to make you think out of the diamond solitaire box this time. Why not be unique and go for raw gems or vintage inspired cut? There are tremendous options that can fit your personality; here are a few options for anything-but-traditional-bride.

With developing innovation and diversity you are likely to find a variety of non-traditional engagement rings for your big day whether it’s due to the fact that you want to go for something unique or you are just not that into diamonds and believe in creative side of accessorizing.

Don’t you worry; the magnitude of your options is not really narrow as there are many gemstones which are rarer than diamonds yet incredibly beautiful.


Maybe you’re lucky enough that your Grammy offers you her antique 5-carat sapphire ring since you’re finally making the right decision after several failures and disappointments.

Before you get involved in the hunt, ask around from your relatives this will not only save you cost but also the passing on of a precious jewel has always been significant.

If the size is your concern, you can get it resized; in other scenarios you can also get a new setting of gemstone.


Gemstones work wonderfully in many brilliant earth engagement rings, giving an exquisite end result.

If you are obsessed with having a diamond in your ring but with a little switch, you can consider focusing on a colored gemstone or a pearl.

Your sapphires and opals will definitely enjoy the limelight while getting a lot of sparkle at a relatively gentle price.


Morganite is trending as of the hottest engagement alternatives currently.

Morganite has a lovely pink to orange-pink shade and a variety of Beryl. Emerald is the green variation of Beryl; it gets its green tinge from trace amounts of vanadium or chromium. It has a high degree excellence and durability which makes a morganite a great candidate for daily wear. And since they are found in huge sizes therefore, carats do not have a significant effect on the price.


A knot ring symbolizing the entwining of two lives is a great option for an engagement ring especially for women with simpler tastes.

Now when you are tying knots with each other, why not do it with a knot ring? This ring is made by interlocking two overhand knots in two parallel wires which are inseparable forever.


Pearls are more than a trend; they are iconic and absolutely beautiful regardless of being in a modern ring or in an antique setting.

The only problem with pearls are, they can tarnish eventually so you can either choose smaller pearls surrounding hardier gemstones or choose it if you plan to wear it occasionally.