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Jewelry Care Guide

By Ryan on Aug 22, 2021
Jewelry Care Guide

Raise your hands if you are guilty of not taking care of all the sparkly things you’ve bought, not treating your precious gems preciously.

We believe that jewelry from casual to the most precious is meant to be worn every now and then and not to be locked in a safe, despite keeping it around, pollution and dust conspire to cloud the sparkles and details of jewelry and surface of the metals. Here we are presenting some basic guides to protect your beautiful gems and keep them as pristine as the day it was made and yes that’s totally possible.


Cleaning your jewelry is an essential, this can be done by using a soft toothbrush; don’t forget to pour some mild soap into the lukewarm water first. The toothbrush can do wonders in cleaning the jewelry with intricate details. If you find the dirt hard to remove, we recommend soaking the jewelry in cold water but this does not go for jewelry like freshwater pearls.


  • While applying scents and lotions, always remove your jewelry.
  • Ensure to rinse off any sorts of chemicals that come into contact with the jewelry straight away so the dirt doesn’t build up.
  • It’s always wise to store jewelry separately so the pieces do not tangle or scratch against each other, we bet you’ve all experienced that already!
  • To prevent scratches, store your jewelry in a fabric-lined box.
  • Never wear precious jewelry while housekeeping, gardening or even exercising.
  • Apply your hairspray and lotions before dressing jewelry.
  • Keep your jewelry away from chlorine- hot tubs and swimming pools.
  • Be careful with heat and light, the sun’s harmful rays don’t only affect our skin and hair but also the durability of stones and their color.
  • Amethyst, kunzite, and such gems are delicate hence they should be kept out of reach of sun and strong radiations. On the other hand, gems like amber can darken over time if exposed to intense light for a lot of time.
  • Hard blows during sports and physical activity can damage the jewelry hence all jewelry should be removed beforehand.
  • Inspect Your Jewelry frequently, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye and inspect your belongings. An ounce of prevention can always go a long way, this way it’s easier to prevent any further loss/damage.
  • When you pick up your jewelry, it’s mindful to thoroughly inspect the work performed. Ensure that it is the correct item and right form.
  • A vanity box or case is definitely a good investment, traveling can be a little tough on jewelry, so it’s better to use a travel case so you can protect your favorite pieces. Preferably go for fabric or leather so it is easier to carry jewelry of all types.
  • This one especially goes for precious jewelry like gold and silver, depending on the use, jewelry should be inspected by a goldsmith on annual basis.
  • Avoid spraying deodorants or perfumes directly onto your jewelry.

These basic guidelines will direct you in the proper care of your jewelry, so your possessions can last generations while assuring the lasting qualities.