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Cold snap- How to Accessorize in Cold Weather

By Ryan on Aug 22, 2021
Accessorize in Cold Weather

With cold weather come bulky layers of sweaters, coats and a lack of exposed skin. That really doesn’t mean you have to lock up your accessories because jewelry is never out of the question! Be a little smart and innovative by choosing the right type of jewelry- that’s the catch.

Without overdoing your look, you want pieces to show up among your chic coats and cardigans. We bring you some best types of jewelry- get ready to spice up your winter outfits.


Necklaces are in the limelight in all sorts of sizes and shapes; you can still be all set up with your button-up shirts. Let’s have a look at some styles and ways you can wear your necklaces.

  • Showcase a statement necklace which complements your blazer, simply button down the blouse up to the collar- wear your necklace and you are good to go.
  • Pair a pretty necklace next to your zipper, this looks best with a collar top.
  • If you are more of an understated type of a person, mix together different lengths of chains, and create your own statement neckpiece.

Single and Asymmetric earrings

From time to time, earrings go through a lot of revolution. There are lots of stunning choices to work with, single earrings do not give a stuffy look, and rather they look elegant and trendy. They best work with turtlenecks or deep necks.

While Asymmetrical on the other are mash-ups, blended with fun textures and designs, they instantly create a sense a bold statement style.

img-4Band Watch

Winter is here? Well, time to switch to leather band watches.

Freezing cold metal on a cold day is no less than a pain, the solution is to wear a style you like that has a leather or fabric band.

img-5Leather chokers

Be it a fabric choker or a leather choker, they are not going out of fashion.

The beauty of chokers is you can always spot them peeking out of a scarf or a coat.

To avoid a freezing neck, avoid a metal choker.

img-6Midi rings

Get some fingerless gloves to flaunt your sparkly midi rings and other gemstones, keeping the look subtle, it’s also a good idea to add a lighter shade of nail paint. This will drive the attention at your hands making the rings noticeable.

img-7Think Big

Take a break from your usual belongingness. Be bold while expressing yourself through the accessories, by this we simply mean replace your teeny charm bracelets and bangles with bigger cuffs and bangles.

Counter the warmest color sweaters with studded and bold hand accessories.  What a classic!


This is definitely a street style trending and we are drooling over it! The good part is not everyone has been trying it on hence; you can be regarded as versatile and innovative.

There are tons of different options, pick any of your preference and dress up a coat with it.