Is Custom Jewelry Expensive (And How to Find Better Prices)

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Is Custom Jewelry Expensive (And How to Find Better Prices)

By Ryan on Jul 23, 2021
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You might think that custom jewelry will cost a premium. But have you looked into all your options?

A custom engagement ring costs $3,500 upwards. The price depends on your requirements and the jeweler. However, you will get a better price from custom jewelers on reputable sites like Jewelers Connect.

Jewelry is a work of art that represents delicacy, elegance, class, and sheer hard work. With custom jewelry, you get to tell your story!

In this article, you will learn how much custom jewelry will cost you, what to expect and how to get better prices without leaving your house.

Let’s get started!


Why is custom jewelry so expensive?

Custom jewelry is expensive because it includes a “design fee,” which covers all aspects of your order, from sketching to casting and setting stones. This fee may be charged in addition to other costs like labor and material.

If you have an idea for something specific, this would be included in the design fee. Altogether, this makes custom jewelry much more expensive than buying off-the-rack items at a retail location.

The jeweler must carefully listen to your preferences, give suggestions, and finalize a design after rigorous thinking to meet your expectations. Understandably, any piece of such carefully thought jewelry costs more than mass-produced jewelry.

Secondly, custom-made jewelry is a one-off design. Therefore, the jeweler makes special molds for each of them. As a result, it takes more time and effort to create these designs. And thus, it reflects in their costs.

Moreover, custom jewelry may have unique ornaments or stones too. Searching for these items can take more time and careful selection. Plus, the decorations increase the cost.

How much can I expect to pay for custom jewelry?

A custom made jewelry could cost you between $10,000 to $30,000 (or more) if you got it from a famous designer. But you can get the same quality piece at a lower price from a local designer or online store.

The cost of custom jewelry mainly depends on your jewelry type, the design, material, and the jeweler.

You may think that you can’t afford custom jewelry, but in reality, it does not have to be that expensive!

With a trusted site like Jewelers Connect, you won’t leave your house to find an affordable custom jeweler.

The online store connects you with custom jewelers who review your requirements and send you price estimates.

You simply design or upload a picture of your vision, then wait for the quotes.

How much does it cost to buy a custom ring? (not what you expect)

As a marketing tactic, jewelers offer intriguing solutions that are often hard to resist. So naturally, we tend to pay more than we expected.

A custom-made ring can cost you around $10,000 to $15,000 (or more). There’s no price cap on custom rings. Extra ornaments and intricate designs raise the cost.

You have to shop around to find a designer within your budget.

In general, your ring price will depend on the material type, design complexity, and the jeweler.

On, it is easier than ever to find a custom jeweler within your budget. You can create an entirely new design or even recreate an existing design. You got options!

How much does it cost to buy a custom necklace?

Necklaces are intriguing designs and feature a high level of detail and delicacy.

A custom necklace can cost you from $1000 to $6000 or more. Mainly, your requirements and material selection influence the necklace cost.

How much does a custom pendant cost?

Custom pendants start from $200 and go up depending on the material and design. A custom 7.5-carat diamond pendant could cost $5,827, while a stainless steel nameplate pendant could cost $35.

Custom-made pendants have a wide range of prices. They are more expensive because they come from dedicated molds, rendering, and design processes.

Custom pendants can be a simple fashion statement or something you wear to show off your personality.

Whether you want an expensive, dramatic pendant with jewels and gemstones or a simple piece of jewelry that goes well with any outfit, custom pendants will simply elevate your overall looks.

Moreover, custom-made pendants come in all possible shapes and numerous sizes. You can choose any material ranging from metals like gold, silver to stones, diamonds, and gems.

However, if you wish to recreate a design, it can cost you slightly less because it doesn’t involve modeling the jewelry mold from scratch.

Get custom jewelry made at a fraction of the cost

Generally, custom-made jewelry is assumed to be quite expensive, and it may not fit your budget. But that’s not the case.

At Jewelers Connect, you get customized solutions for all your jewelry needs at desirable rates. At a fraction of cost, you get your personalized jewelry without compromising design, quality, and material.

So, what kind of services can you expect at Jewelers Connect?

To start with, you can have your very own unique design. Then, simply add details about your jewelry type, expected delivery date, size, metal type, stone, etc.

Next, place your order from the website and create your account to start receiving quotes on your custom jewelry. You then choose the jeweler who fits your budget and requirements.

If you run out of ideas and need inspiration for your jewelry design, there are several options to recreate a design.

First, you can pick from a vast collection of designs to recreate your personalized jewelry. Second, you can select your designs for pendants, rings, and necklaces.

With a large variety and options for design, it becomes easier to choose the right jewelry for your special occasions.

Is custom-made jewelry worth it?

Compared to ready-made designs, there is a higher level of detail and quality attached to custom-made jewelry, so it’s worth the hype.

Custom jewelry is a great way to express your story and emotions. These items are close to your heart because they can take you back into time, connecting you to a memory or experience. The class and style are only tailored for you.

Moreover, when you ask for custom-made jewelry, there is a sense of privacy and uniqueness. No one will have what you just ordered from your jeweler – such a great feeling!


A custom engagement ring starts at $3,500, a custom necklace at $1,000, and a custom pendant at $200. It all depends on the material, design complexity, and the jeweler you choose.

But you can always get a better price at a custom jewelers marketplace like You easily design and upload your custom jewelry then different jewelers will send you quotes after reviewing your design.

You select the custom jeweler who understands your requirements and fits your budget.

If you want to tell a story with your jewelry, then go custom!